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love the quote!!! Its super cute and true!!!
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Yes But how about beauty with brains
what about the most beautifull girl who can make your world the most beautifull world haha
Surely, if you knew the most beautiful women, then you're world would be most beautiful?!?
come on!!! come back to real world plz...
if you let a woman make your world beautiful , will be sorry sometime, because she will take all the beauty with her when leaving for some shmuck whom she couldn't say no to
that's true,man!
That's why we have few of them
Or put you through a living hell..
sssssssssssoooooooooo not true
to cute i think dats buetiful
"real men don't love the girl with the best taste, they love the girl who can make their world more tasty"
Try telling your girl she's not the most beautiful in the world. See how it works out...
its not about what a man tells. its about how men really feel
Damn sure! that this has posted by the leader of "Ugly girl gang".
Nice to hear, but it is not totally true. Men still go for beauty no matter what then comes loving the women who can rock their world.
real men = real women
real men + real women
m not Join " Ugly girl gang".....
i love this gang...
they love the most beautiful girl that will willingly have sex with them
Said this to my wife. She said, "You don't think I'm beautiful?"
The uglies are better because they try so hard.
Turn up the Funny and turn down the Die
Hate the quote!!! It's super sad and false!!!
Thank you!! hopefully some men open their eyes to the fact that the way you look with her may not necessarily be better then how you feel with her.
and please don't take that the wrong way.
So, there are REAL MEN and FAKE MEN? Interesting.
Not really, it depends on the definition of beauty to an individual. The comment is rather too general, I suppose.
Beauty is always dependent on the eyes of the beholder, what can be just ok to one might mean the world to another
Said the guy trying to get laid...
I wish all men thought like that! lol

true, but don't say that to your girl guys cause they will think you are saying they are's a trap!
What if the girl who can make their world the most beautiful also happens to be the most beautiful girl in the world
ah so the person that controls the funny or die google+ account is female hmm interesting I learn something new all the time
Men don't want a beautiful world, just the beautiful girl!
Bobo Do
what does a fake man love then?
By the time you realize this you are already too old for either !!!!
oh yes this is very hard to distinguish between girls and boys its vise vesa
THINK about WHY GIRLs IS ALWAYS beautiful...?
whithout any reason she is beautiful
See that is a trap for a man as well. Tell your wife that and you will get the old "so you're saying I am not beautiful?"
Both wrong. Real men make the girl they love feel the most beautiful in the world.
It's a nice concept but changing the definition of the word "man" to promote your ideals, however good they are, is dumb.
thats so true but u no guys nowadays they like the looks more than than personality but i honestly go by how they make me feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Yamini Yamini your some here Right but not 100% .. in this Generation has some guys that True For this Relation but very few i think in 1000 you can find just 10-15 .it's Truth not just Word.
yes... We Are here JUSt BEAUTIFUL GIRL...
To the point! I like the phrase. We have similar saying in Russian though I can't translate it to English. "Красавица это меч разрубающий тьму". I read it similarly. There's 'beauty', 'sword', and 'darkness' in the phrase.
Not true, the most beautiful girl in the world will make the men world the most beautiful.
but POINT IS THE quote is all about BEAUTIFUL GIRL
and post is "love the quote!!! Its super cute and true!!!"
i never thought of it that way.
maybe bt believe me true love does not judge a person but love
thats nice i gotta use that on my gurlfwend
"Beauty is the sword of darkness chop" is what google translate says
Well Said. But sometimes man loves a girl that makes his life a nightmare, that man doesn't realize that,
either that or "beauty is the sword cut through darkness"
It is good to have them both :)
In this case "Real=Smart". I wonder how many of those are in the world:o)
What? So a real man loves a girl for the sole purpose of making his world better? That's a pretty pathetic reason, and that's not such a great deal for the woman.
this quote means that when the woman acknowledges and accepts that the man loves her, his world is made much more beautiful
I read that as "Real men love the girl that sucks his cock".
Wow what do you mean beautiful?

Or dead
i married my girlfriend...............lucky...but now she make it hell
Awww, it's beautiful!!! Very inspirational and deep, as well as truthful!!!
i like that. that is nice
That is so TRUE!!!!! Now if only they would get that in their heads. LOL
Real man must fuck everybody if him like!
wish every person thought like that otherwise most guys always go for the most beautiful girl
Very stupid fuck and love one if you wish more.Hahaaha
Sounds like a woman wrote that.

I would agree though that "real" men love the woman that gives their life the most meaning.

women help to define us. They help to give us motivation beyond ourselves. The woman who can bring the most meaning in a positive, non-selfish way is, in my mind, the most beautiful woman in the world.
u r right but now a days money is preferred on girl which girl has money she is best
yes how true-my soon to be ex realizes that now,that the grass was not greener across the street (literally)
If you love a girl, she becomes the most beautiful. Sounds like a win-win to me.
very much true .......................
Big Sam
Excellent quote
And men can also love men who make their world the most beautiful :)
yeah!! whoever thought of that was damn right
on the inside, where it matters most, my gf is the most beautiful girl in the world. Her beauty comes from the inside out and is a treasure and a blessing. I said one time that the inner beauty is what matters most because when the outside beauty fades away and leaves...all you have is what is left on the inside.
Great quote, and soooo true...
They love the girl who can make them the most beautiful sammich!
Sexist Rubbish! Women arent there to make their man's world more beautiful, like clean the fridge, wipe up the ugly mess, so no this is bullshit and sexist.
true true true true true true true true
Is Will Ferrell letting his 13 year old niece post?
Who of course also would need to be the most beautiful girl in the world. So it all works out.
What about the most beautiful girl in the world. Who does she go out with?
No William, its not about the cleaning thing. Its much more than that. What your saying is being a housewife. Irrelevant
And some lucky bastards get to do both.
Beatiful girls donot love but only want to know how heavy ur wallet is.So guys watch out there.
i am not messing with this pls. But i am living with my BF and i am a boy too.
This is such a inspiring quote for a man, and I think maybe our first person who read it is a little sensitive
Funny how the quote attempts to define a real man according to his personal preferences in women :o
This is the gayest thing funny or die ever posted.
Just because it's been called a "cute" quote, I, as a man, not wanting to lose MAN CARD can not post to this. I can not condone this "cute" quote. LOL! I'm sorry, I was just SERIOUS.
This was either posted by a woman or an hypocrite/gay/forever alone man.
This is hilarious! They put a 12 year-old girl in charge of the Funny or Die page! ಠ_ಠ
wait, isn't that the same person?
that is true...some men just love and wanna be with a woman cause she is gorgeous...a man would not tyake the time out to get to know a not so good looking girl...
no they love the girl that can make a samwich
Yeah...but they keep lusting after the most beautiful one.
Dima P
it's not funny and if you say it to your woman - you die
Here I am, one of the bastards that got to do both :)
Actually. there's no most beautiful girl in the world, beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder.
Not sure how to recite this to the young woman I love without insulting her..
...but what can I do if the most beautiful girl in the world loves me? :P
I was lucky enough to get both with my love.
Lovely sentiment. However, real men don't just love girls. Guess I gotta ditch my boyfriend.
so steriopipical but true for most guys ive went out wit
Men....... Ur update realy mk sense
Yes , Yes . If only men and women came stop an see peoples inner beauty, and that person makes you complete and special that is all matter .
I have had relationships with beautiful women and can honestly say, They would have to impress me and not the other way around.
At best they can sometimes be very conceited self loving and lack the all important grey matter. How can you love someone who just loves the way they look? Now I am lucky to have a real woman who just loves me!! :)
what thats stupid whats funny about that
I love this, I think it goes both ways though
The same can be said for real men regarding beautiful men. Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.
its stupid whats the point in it
Y- Fi
love it
Jay Tee
Great men love the most beautiful girl who can make their world shine.
it helps if she's cute though...just sayin
lol real men love sex
This is wut women wish a real man was
Mike B
I believe this one falls under "die"
definitely correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i think there is no more real man right now.. right???????
most beautiful girl in the world must be pissed after she reads this :p
who ever said ......... Very Very Well Said .... I Appreciate...................
U Betcha!!!!!!!! I know cause I married one 32 years ago!!!!!!
Look up "Naughty Panda" on youtube. pic is of Yoda with some random face
haha real men don't love the most beautiful girl in the world they love the girl who makes their world most beatiful
Real men don't love the most beautiful girl in the world; they love the girl who makes the best sandwich.
ikr......................... thatss really sweet that wat kinda man i won't u know when i get grown (:
righttt , so true and it doesnt look good, then uhm u girls to bad so sad for u :,(
I thinks its safe to say a women wrote that. 
They love the most beautiful girls that do the most nasty things to them
and the most beautiful girl only bad men love her???
I found my man like that love you Zack!!!!
That goes both ways you think 1 can't without without the other happiness is what we all want yeh 
Hey bad grammar all I wanted to say was men, women, want happiness its up to us as individuals to find it or it will find us 1 way or another 2 choices look or be found 
sal ssm
the real man who loves his country and share this love with woman also loves her country
is ny boy in ds wrld
 thnk like ds??????????????
I'll comment again, saying that this is, ultra gay.
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