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real friends will be known in difficulties.
That quote feels so wrong, but it's true
my god use fucking apostrophes not motherfucking commas
I'm inclined to un-follow funny or die. Too rarely is it funny and hardly ever is it die :\
ya i agree with you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A friend is someone who will stand up for you when no one else will. A true friend is someone who will do the same when even you're not standing up for yourself.
yes, i really appreciate it . thank u for the tag.
me too realised that for the first time............
This can't be described any better way to put down 
yes, it's true that its so difficult to find the one who actually cares about us so much as a true fren.
ya so right but so difficult to find one
yup,it's true that its so hard to find someone who actually cares about us so much as a fren...............
friends are like stats, you can't always see them but you know they are there..
friendship is the one of the best relationship,* * * * *...........
i also agree with this wonderful point...........
friendship is not an opportunity , is a sweet responsibility
so any other views about frenship guys?
Friendship is fake. Im sorry but it irritates the hell out of me when people make or post stuff like this. People only want something to do with you when you have something they want, or have nothing better to do, or cannot find someone cooler to be around. I have never met anyone who has been an exception.
most of the frenship ends to be fake but still some real frenship really exist in this wonderful world of ours.
can't agree more. lucky to have real friend.
why so wts the reason
so true very few people in my life like that
can you friendship with me ? ?????????? ????????? there are many ????
hi every body and thanks to opaz
and m rangel
I miss all things about 3D Chuck, he was by far my biggest and strongest cheerleaders, and I pushed him away and out of my life for good this time round. I can hardly span another eternaty again to reunite. =¦)
gr8 people,gr8 thought!!! nice one!!!!!!!!
Its rubbish no true friends left in this world.
when you do a favor you expect 100 in return.
A true friend would have done Rachael and Katies hair for thier prom nite...But ditched them like rotten potatoes instead. One day's notice...Who could this person be???
I don't agree. with this sentiment... just putting that out there
Friendship is, when you can show weakness without provoking strength.
Too cliche... A better one would be, friendship is a complex topic and if you haven't figured it out yet, it most likely does not apply to you. Maybe that's demovtivator material.
friendship is never failure when we can where in the world
Friendship is like a violin.the music may stop now and then,but the strings will last forever.
I had a friend and she was really nice but it turns out after we have been best mates for ages it turned out that she only wanted to be my friend because
There is no boundaries in only one relationship, and that is FRIENDSHIP. So it's hard to find true friends. But luckily I've found some friends like that. And I know they will be my LIFETIME friends. M.
and I never had something like this
no-one else liked her and she wanted my money also she slept over at mine for a week while her mum was in hospital and when i was asleep i could hear her walking around then i woke up and i saw her picking up my stuff and putting it in her bag so the next day i had to go out and buy the same things and then i saw her and she wanted to be my friend again and i just said no
True. I know so many friends who have stood by me through hell or high water
Dats exactly true..I had a frnd I knew 4 6yrs but .. we r no more frnds! N ders 1 frnd who was merely a frnd of a couple of years n she stood by me wen..well leave it.
its true & it is dedicated to all my frnds
you find somone, click on there pic and it goes to there profile. click add to circles and choose friend x
I think this person should be a wife or husband.
nice thought I like this thought on friendship.
Sometimes ...when i really need my friends ....I find them all ...gone
having a good friend is like picking pebbles in the desert.
wish I had someone like that I have come to the conclusion the only person I have is me
I dont want some one like that , but I am sure I am like that only .
Very true. And + mostly the true friends are the crazy ones! ^^
Been having an issue communicating that across :-/
thats true i have a bestfriend who can help me when i need help...
Hiiiiiiiiiii i am agree with you my dear . you are right. you are precise for whole world. always keep smileing bye biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Very true! Wonder how many of us can say we've got friends that would be there through thick and thin!!
i agree gr8 people gr8 thought gr8 relations and gr8 minds
I am sure that there could be no better explanation to reveal how the friendship should be. It is taken from a famous Tamil (South India) scholar/poet, who has said everything about our lives in his one and half lined verse. The name of the poet is "THIRUVALLUVAR, and his world famous write up is 'THIRUKKURAL,consisting of 1330 verse. Well, it goes like this, A true friend will instantaneously help you, similar to how your hands-n-palm would, in a situation (imagine) when all of a sudden you loose all your clothes.No need to call, no ego, no expectation in return and almost it is a sort of reflex.
I don't agree. Even if people don't want to leave someone alone, they may have to.
So basically you're saying... friendship = the one night stand that stuck around to cuddle.

shrug I'm ok with that.
i know .... but i have just experienced that my best friend is now my worst enemy:(
Does this mean this post dies? Because I would sure love it if these ambiguous human-interest-story esque posts stopped existing. Good job, though. Really. You managed to say something completely uncontroversial in text IN A PICTURE. DID I MENTION IT ISN'T FUNNY?
Nah. It's case to case basis. One statement doesn't mean it's always true. Maybe true for some based on experience, but not for all..
Actually I take it back. I now know to never interact with 99% of the people who commented on this post. Thanks! #wearethe1percent
nice lines...................
wow nice....................
Friends use a god damn comma properly.
its real the moment u expecting someone to hold your hand and they disappear those u cant call friends they are dogs.
no it's not true at all. Those who disappear may be afraid. That doesn't mean they are dogs.
... How patetic is "expecting someone to hold your hand"... That's for the weak!. A friend should not hold your hand... Should lend you a shoulder and then leave you alone to figure out your own miseries and problems by yourself!
....let's face it.....not all people are suitable to be our friends some are just their for fame some for love of others and some are just simply for fortune all of us are different all of us has different characteristics but even though....we should try our best to be the best friend we could ever be.
Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.
Yea,fair weather friends are around nowadays.
smiley face :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Ok , where are you from ?
in short...a friend in deed ...!!
Det där är väldigt fin skrivning om vänner.
+TERSIA BARTLETT You want to be my friend? I need someone to take care of me for the rest of my life. Please, say yes... I'll be the most pleasant leech you'll ever find!
Then you find out. Who and How Many FRIENDS you REALLY HAVE.
Or they never stopped praying when they couldn't be there..
nice bt its vry tough to get sooooooo gd frns..........
dont expect to hv one if u cant be the one...
True! But, there's a mistake or confusion with the commas in the picture, they should be apostrophes.
+Ahmad Nazri Although you could be the one, there maybe no one for you. The same, there maybe one for you even if you can't be the one.
When you needed someone the most
they Always left you...bec...they think...u r selfish...
+Wayne Ngo Sincerity built the friend ship. Sense of loving is a mutual. A good friend just like u see urself in a mirror...What u gv u will get it back...soon or later...
You know what's super cool? Not using commas in the place of an apostrophe.
Why is the Funny or die feed never funny?
This its so very true.
+++++ :) +++++
Not funny, but very true!
I wish that were always the case, that everyone always had a good friend in their time of need. Sadly, this is not the case
The true definition of a good friend is a guy who will go to the city get two blowjobs then come home and give you one ;P
So i guess i have no real friends. Thank god for my wife
I really need to find real friend lol! ( add me )
yeap friendship is not just a word it mean it meanz alot.
blah blah blah blah ..... millions of "Good Quotes" are floating all over the web .... I cant remember them
its ture!!! im going thru a hard time rite now and the person who i thought was my friend left me when i needed her the most!!!
yes and who left a scar in your heart in a good way
Definitely its true..................! I agree with u.
U could not of said it better,,,,,,:-) :-) :-) :-) 
Its so true , wish all get it
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