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it is absolutely true... it is the same thing... ditto... happening in our lives but v dont realise it.
For me...don't take so long to look at the closed door..just get in to the open door..coz closed door maybe not for us....just forget it!! GET INTO OPEN DOOR!! Make a new happiness!!
Trying to look at the opened door......
I know that if one door closes then another door opens, but I tell you these hallways are a bitch.
I never agree to a black screen! Plus, the +1 feature does not work on posts since the reformatting we were not warned about in advance.
absolutely true, it is so hard to let it close...better focus on new opportunities
I agree!!!... forget the past and face the present time towards the future.
YES BOSS ...................
yar pllllllllllllllllllz ap meri help kar sake ho ke facebook kaise use karte hai
still looking at the closed door of my ex wife have not seen the open door to a new life i better start looking
a sadness of the words but it's true and I agree 
yes I so get thinking like that ...
Too true, the past should be all about the lessons learned.
Another door took so long to open, Till then we have no choice but to look ate closed door, :(
Iam fine and hapiness FOR MY WORK
Im form peruvian citizen and you?..
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