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True but luckily not always :))
I know this as "Nobody sees when I'm thirsty, but everybody sees when I'm drunk".
Indonesian said "BECIK KETITIK OLO KETORO" that means, do the nice things is look like a 'dot', but one mistake, is look like a 1000 mountain..
totally agree with you!!!
Understood in terms of average people but we have to do nice things with others in all matters and we must always remember other's good deeds with us which they did!
i dunno, i dont have a gud record of doin nice things
It's because the mistakes make better stories than nice stories.
My boss says that one blunder can cancel out a lot of ata-boys. I hope that your love is more lenient than my boss.
this is super right ! :)
never never neverrrrrrrr
I'm glad to say this is not my experience.
mmmmh people will always wait for u to go wrong ........
All that is good is written in sand; all that is bad is written in stone.
-- Haitian proverb.
I think if you regularly do nice things, then it makes it stand out when you make a mistake. If you make mistakes all the times, and do the occasional nice thing, people will remember the nice thing. The moral of the story...
gud thing people wnt accept it bad thing people will accept soon that is world
e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e
Thats true...........
That's why I like to make friends with people with Alzheimer's. They forget to return tools they borrow but at least they can hide their own Easter Eggs
Are we doing nice things to be noted...I don't feel so.
u r reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy true in this people r jst to selfish jst need help but dnt give it.
bcus we like 100% PERFECTNESS.
We always look out for the bad stuff.
yup wen ur right no one remembers, but wen u r wrong, no one forgets. XD
Every time i do something right. No one ever remembers. Every time i do something wrong. No one EVER forgets!! (dont remember where i seen that but its related. lol)
Lata ...u r alwaz right..bcoz u r saying so....
i too agreee with this b'coz...............i experienced it...........
If people here translates to your SO, then you have a serious problem
simply true, it is universal.
That's really true. But when you make a mistake and the person gets mad at you,they don't forget. That's why there is a quote that says,"Anger is a memory never forgotten".
Your 'serious problem' is in wanting people to notice.
Your mistakes would be forgotten if you didn't want to be noticed.
You want to be noticed.
I make more mistakes, and then one good thing, so they never forget that good I have done since its a surprise!!
true true
joy x
reminds me of merlin and arthur...
Very true, agreed! But, when a person is nice enough to help others, then that person shd never bother about negative remarks from others, 'coz doing nice things does give him 'satisfaction', so.. it more than compensates for the pain from the otherwise situation!! ATTITUDE again!! :D ... This is the essence of every religious scripture... 'Do your Duty, without any expectations'!!
Thats life and we have to accept that fact,,,,
That's pretty much lacrosse coaching in a nutshell.
That means you have to stop being nice for them to notice you.
Heck yes agree, people like to see the negative it's in their comfort zone
Why is the funny or die guy never funny? 
well sad...very true!!

Overall rating
it's true if we spend our life with negative people.
Very true. I've experienced it myself. But we cant just stop doing nices thing to people.
It really comes down to what the mistake is.
Thatttttsssss realllyyy trueee......!!!
Thats up there! sooo true :)
Yeah its very hurtful, but it doesn't mean you should stop being nice. One day they will realize , irrespective of your mistakes and their attitude towards such mistakes doesn't change who you are:the nice person!
i know that really ticks me off (-__-)
And you? how to change the way we think?
there are some people always remember the nice things that you do and never mention your minor slip ups.

Just goes to show how people can be so very different.
Ikr soooooooooo true
I totally agree with it, so does everybody..
it's a fact that people are remembered by their mistakes than their goodness
This is a fact and ain't funny. so DIE !
It's just some people, but yeah for those people, be it mistake or even respectful disagreement, you cross that line and you are written off as "the enemy" forever. So sad and shallow really.
True n I am already feeling sorry for it after reading this. Its like self realization albeit late one :(
Iike that,many times that happen to me.

it a normal thing happen whole the happen anywhere....
bad things are news worthy, but being good is nice to you and the people around you
it takes years to forge a friendship, but only moments to destroy it.
What's done from the heart need no recognition, perhaps for profit a return is expected. However appreciation is definitely welcomed for our survival holds not material returns!
with the correct intention, the above doesn't matter.
That's why Bad Girls are always remembered and Good Girls do the hard work that pays off!
it really does make you wonder!
It's really true but we don't do good thing for people that they remember us and if they don't remember us it's not matter because the god remember it
thats how it is in this life i don't understand why
Yes. No goalkeeper is remembered for the saves they made. They are blamed only for their misses. That's life
This kinda bullshit is why I left facebook.
Good things are only meant to be appreciated but not necessarily noticed and vice versa for mistakes
People focus more on the bad, than the good. (as in any news, that's the human condition, sadly!!)
it's my everyday experience
This has happened so many time. But that's life really nothing we can do about it. 
sometimes though people can do mean things and then do one amazing thing and you never forget that either... people and complicated and flawed and yet still beautiful and delicate. It may not be forgotten but truly forgiven is what i believe is key.
No good deed ever goes unpunished.
they are waiting for it to happen... almost an ambush :)
Oh that happens all over the world! But not more who read these line
It true and also it a lesson to us to do nice and good things only ,once you do "the bad thing" it overides all the good once that you were showing the world, and makes it the only thing that will stick in peoples mind ,eg Bill Clinton and Lowinzsky and many more that I'm sure you can relate to . I wouldn't worry about it cos, its human nature.
true true happened to me once as well
Very true,sometimes back this happened to me
I think every family has the same problem...either of the spouse is always a victim of this truth...
thgis expectztions are high these days
munju s
have no expectations and you wl get no dissapointments
when you stop doing nice things for people, they will find out that something is missing.
thats what happend to me and my bff she totally diched me
thats what happened to me n my friend and he tried to bash me and i made him nose bleed
that's what we can human........
A nice thing done by you to others is ........FOR GRANTED.........not the
i am regretfully admitting that that is reality
That's why we have God. He remembers the good and forgives the mistakes.
sooo true i lost friends because of it
Life is like that but we should write bad things in the sand and good things on rock. Good things can never go unrewarded. We do good things for the love of God and the inner sense of good should bring us joy. Allelulia
No, people acknowledge if you do good things for them and even more if you stop doing so.
Yeah, never screw up a Micky Mouse Parade.
very very like every company is short staffd...but they dont want to hire!!!WTF.......
ya but 1 person is their to see wat ve have done in life or good things or bad things that s god dont ever mind for other people wat they say but be doing good to others
that s true always ppl wll never notice gud things
yeah...true....i've throught that.
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