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haha! wow thats so true..-.- stupid picture..
I don't see how being a huge line in the bathroom, may be the cause of girls liking to chat while waiting on it. I'd say they like to chat always and everywhere. I love to chat but, it would be so gay to tell to one of my friends to come with me to pee.
girls just are sometimes shy?..well some are anyways
They ain't shy, they are insecure. Like when deciding for a guy (they always take the worst option), or what to order for eating (they change their minds about three times), or what stupid dress and shoes to wear.
For the "popular" girls it's true
not me, if i want to go to the bathroom it cuz i gotta pee. 
Not me. And I hate if a girl says "Oh wait, I come with you." Also they're pissed off if you leave and not waiting for them. Still don't get the reason why. 
Women's bathroom line paradox
OMG!! now i got it..i'm not really girl reacted, no bath room group, i go whenever i want..and i don't like the the noisy chat in bathroom especially if you gossip someone there, you gonna looks stupid more than the person you're gossiping  :-P
common (half n hour) pee time....
hahahahaha lol theres mostly a line  cuz girls do makeup infront of the sink (where the mirrors r)
Lol your mom likes to go to the bathroom with other girls!
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