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"If plan 1 fails, that's okay, You still have well over a trillion more tries left!"
dont stay...... move ahead dude :)
@Paul Coudray. Yes, there are also numbers.
and if that also didnt work we have number system.
Number system can work always since it's infinite.
Oh, I see what you did there with the number system.
That's really observant of you
thats why my bike have no. 7. I tried 1 - 6 . :)
that time world will come to an end.
The same thing that always happens...AA BB CC...
then go for alpha numeric.
Is there an alphabet that has more than the English version?
:] :] :] :} :] :} :} :} cooooooooooollllllllllll
plan b is usually better anyway.
there is no thought.... this is only copy paste...
I love it! Our entire department was laughing. Thanks for the post
First impression the best one... so why using plan Z...! go for it..!
correct .....u r absolutely right..
great lines........................
Or if you're saying that in other languages, it could have more than that. Spanish, for one, has 29 letters (depending who you ask). So, it could also say, "Si 'Plan A' no funccionó, ¡la alfabeta ya tiene 28 letras más! Quedete calma."
Our alphabet has 30 letters (A+29) ☺→more chances ...
a nice hidden truth ntreasure
...and when u exhaust all d letters???
Persian alphabet has 32 letters.Good luck to us!!!!!!
That is why I love danish we have 3 extra letters :D
Then continue using numbers... start with number 1, for sure it will work by then. Stay positive and look in the brighter side of life! :) Godbless us!
Jared -->When exhaust all the letters you go to numbers
One of my favorites, Stay cool.
If it all not work ... Smile and Stay Cool ^_^ you will find the 26 inside you
In case you run short of letters move to the Chinese Alphabet!
if "A to Z" did not work than... what? stay super foooooooooollllll.
It depends on what you are planning for.
it's not possible for all letters not to work rather you are blind to identify yours.
then u can always shift to alfa and beta
If that doesn't work, there is always Plan G-O-D... for me his plan always seems to find a way to work... just needs patience and prayer
except that it should say "Don't Panic"
Do u like love at first sight? if not, then ask for second, third...................sight.
and you can use numbers 1,2,3,..........
bwahaha funi

Overall rating
247 letters is nothing if you are optimistic.
that is exatly an alternative for the saying 'be positive'. we must be positive with some fun as you said.
ههههههههههههههههه اتصل عليا 0923239190
why only 25 letters, more if you start saying plan aa
I agree for that! Stay cool and enjoy life ....:)
you're right, there are so many solution. ;)
but what abt illiterate people they'll run out of plans even before they could think abt them lol
plus there are also characters which arnt letters =)
You just made me relax now and am so happy for it...... LOL
Start worrying when you get to Plan }. There's only a couple left before you have to go up to UTF-16.
Sarah R
True dat u just gotta get a plan with each letta
IT worked for me u guys should try it
Very Cool , Great
Life like this
yeah once I tried Plane "F" and it was realy gooood haha
yours. mine has 35 more letters :D
Wow, por si no te habias dado cuenta,
el Senor siempre tendra otra oportunidad para Ti.
Marco Antonio Gatica
same question I was going to ask... Z is the last letter and I've failed withn...
There's no reason for Plan B. It distracts you from Plan A.
This Is So Awsome xD Aww Its a Really Nice Photo Aswell x
really right!!!! ....and still have AEIOU hahahaha!!!!
if plan a didnt work. go to plan a.1, and if that didnt work. go to plan a.2, and if that didnt work. . . . . .
hehe... yaeh its true again..... be cool..... love it just love it.... :)
My alphabet has 28 letters.... Arabic letters :)
then you get 28!!!!!! (lucky)
that's the reasons because i always use the arabic alphabet to make plans... it has 28 letters... 3 opportunities more.!!!
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