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This is not the rebus you are looking for...
The force is strong with this one....
obi-wan kenobi jedi knight from starwars
Obe-wan Kanobie (or however you spell his name)
i had to read it a lot but than i got it
Oh look over there! It's a bee!
The wand got a d- on a magic test. How sad :(
Coke-a-Cola? When you add the word "Oh"
and there goes another bee.
What is this supposed to mean?
This should be super easy for nerds or ppl with a super nerdy family
i dont even like starwars and i get it... 
"Let go! Use the Force, Luke!"
The Force is strong with this one...
A. Bea
Obi wan canobi - can't spell the last part
A. Bea
That one…
A. Bea
A. Bea
And again-WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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