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Movie logic.....true
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I always bitch about Movies and their Ridiculous accuracy flaws!
i actually think some of these shots look more impressive on the police side not the action hero side. odd...
lol its either police or black people that get shot lbvvs :/
Where is the graphic for TVs A-Team?
And of course, the main character never dies whatever torture is done on him, ... at-least not until he kills all the villains !
is this any Bollywood / Tollywood Movie......???????????
See rajnikanth, unbelievable precision and accuracy with shooting.
its true those idiots are never touched a gun
It shows that you don't have to be a well-trained guy to do stuff
i love how pathetically true this is -___-
in the case of movies that's
This what like Indian Trained Police do...
I shoot better than movie policeman... :D
Gela Gh
first timers luck!!!! ;P lol
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