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girls vs boys.....
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Monkey Me
Oh so, so, so, not true! she has to be able to cook too
partially agree!!! she has to be smart and intelligent.
Fine we men are easy. Are you ladies happy now? Are you?
we believe them more, so only smiles enough, but its very hard to impress a girl
for women i think true.^^
...hmm must be talking about nerds or loner guys that socially outcast and then one day goes on killing spree's and your local school.
I say that is wrong for both. Then again, it can easily vary!
you can say a lot or many or huge or ..... not insane person only disagree with that
and give him food, and beer... ewww
dose anyone want to impress me
Impress boys Breath, bring beer
I am boy, tried your rule for "Impress a boy" DOES work >>> LOL
not for men, it say`s boy. Its a diffrence.
A woman gets to choose her mate, a man has to settle for what's available.
Nah! A guy could LURE his MATE but only FATE could choose his PREY!
hhmmm boys try whole heartedly but girls never do
umm...... Its absolutely......wrong.
It's not the smile ITSELF... rather, it's what WE MEN think that smile MEANS! ;D
Or: tell him he's not got to do all that ;)
Bibin N
it depends... but i agree that men are simple... 
ha ha ha.................................
true words
Bibin N
men believes smile and eyes...
So basically almost 80 people consider this a fact. You guys consider that men are stupid. You have sad lives :( seriously, stop watching TV
hahaha lol that's funny :p
For me, it's a fart that seals the deal. Dunno, guess I'm the exception to this "rule."
hahahaha...i have personally experienced this......
"A woman is like your shadow, follow her & she flies - fly from her & she follows" ( this one is for the guys )
Bibin N
how tough the girl may be.. we'l take the challenge.... that is what is man...
hahahahaaa:))))))))))))))).......i dont think it really works!!!
common dude it is hard to impress a boy!
ya its true ... most of the boys get fooled by only one smile from girls
Zero B
RIGHT!!!...not sure what kinda boys that applies to but definitely not real ones...perhaps plastic toys?
Correction just give him that look once.
itna dimag kbhi books me bhi lga liya kr chintu
சத்தியமான உண்மை
so, girls always are hard to impress.
Aaahan it's quite ezi .......
I don't agree...only a smile can't influence our feelings.....I DİİİİSAGGREEE :D
Maybe it's easy to impress a boy in the beginning, but the difficulties will come after being with him.
ya,thats the weakness of men...once a girl smiles at him,thats it he will be following her like xxx
hahahaha....boys will always b boys...!!!!
thaanks Jane...:):):) I agree with her.ok ,:( men are NOT easy...:)
yup...isn't true...Boys knew exact what to do..they pretend they'got pank'd...but actually diabolical mission has just started lol
If it would be that easy to impress a girl...
haha...yeah jus a smile will make a game over but its a lovable game and every women till her death expects these all from her men.....
I thing girls are nothing for men so it's easy to influence a man but for women,,men is everything(protect,love...etc) so women have to be careful to choose a man I THINK..:)
im sorry scott if my comment hurt...its just that my experience
It really is more than that
really! Just smile at the boys and everything will be okay?
for both the girls and the boys,GAME OVER.Can it work ?
its sooooooooooooo true
yeahhh...right. I wish I met that man who let himself impressed with just a smile.
Yeah, Girs have something.. like 'Girl power' to lurl us boys..

I noticed that last month.. I was like "DA HELL WAS THAT!?"
Hey ....i am a guy who can use this key's to impress any girl ....but its hard for all u chicks to impress me with a smile .......i am a hard game ...........
so contact me ha ha ha ha
omg im showing this to my boyfriend. and game over reminds me that we always play the xbox together haha. :))
I think the artist's perception of the word "impress" is not the definitive meaning of the word; but regardless we are all aware of what they're implying. It's not as easy as a smile from a girl, and most guys sadly do what's on that list just to exploit the girl they "want". What it takes to impress someone is doing something that isn't expected or asked of, and it can only be done to somebody who cares about being impressed. After all, if all the guy wants is sex then he'll just use the smile as an excuse to tell the girl how "impressed" he is. If all it takes is an alleged smile then that's not a guy that you(the girl) want to start falling for. I could give examples of a real reason to be impressed, but soon enough the people lucky enough to experience what life really is all about will see it for themselves. The reality is astronomically more in-depth than what this now-famous picture describes and it really is all wrong. This is what you get maybe in middle school but in the real world there's something more; in the end you'll hopefully end up with the one who "impresses" you by doing what noone else has or could ever do for you. It can't be summed up from a picture, in a paragraph, in a parable, or even in a book or a movie. I think the summary caption above just shows how ignorant the person who made it really is. They're just a simple minded fool ready to be taken advantage of by the next person who comes with a glint in their eye.
Thats not true, in my experience you have to do the opposite and females love you for ever. Treat em like crap and they'll never leave you alone, dont believe me, try it, trust me it works.
A very annoying truth. I still suffer the consequences.
Relationship 101 ... the start :-)
if smiled twice ==> WoW she loves me
Because Boys are ready to b impress.. :P
dam true.............................
it's funny................
but true...............
how to impress a boy -------> make him a sandwich :D
not sure never worked for me!
how about the handshake for both what are the results?
i be dead scared if someone I dont like smilin' at me.
◦°◦нå◦нä◦нã◦нä◦нâ◦°◦.. to think about it, how easy a man is..
universal truth...........
haha......... only one smiles sensetive boys are but girls ..... damn..... f
Mo Li
Just SMILES once. Smile is the best way of showing love.
"How to impress a boy": smile once and make sure he hasn't seen this post.
hahaahaahhaa, so funnnnnyyyy..... nice...
Not as shallow as you think but a lot more open about what they want. Sometimes I wish I was a man - it is so flippen confusing being a women!
i look you different kind boy or girl compare.....
if she can't respect me. And all she have for me is smile. Then fuck her.
what a joke and haahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa
you can add girls, cars and football to the Boy
I wonder who thought this up. Prolly a girl with an utterly mindless boyfriend. You need quite a few things to impress me... So far, only one girl out of the quite likely several hundreds of girls I know has been able to impress me.
heard it a hundred time but still lol....
That means boys are alot better in nature than a girl. because love is easy and hate is hard for them!
just shows how easy it is to keep a man, but to keep a woman,.... the LIST is never-ending
i tooooooo agreee.........1000% hahha correct
I think that's not true because a women can smile but still doesn't show you love
ha yar har ladki iss he bat ka adventeg leti hai or ham ladk log inki is bat par impress ho jate hai yar hamara ek younin hona chaiya q
mani S
yes, thats the simplest and easiest all guys are, Straight and non-complicated.
Me, I consider ladies smile as a method of deceive, it cannot enough for me to agree with her.
hii,Kalina how r u ?..would you like to be friendship with me ?..Add me your Friend list....
NO how to impress a boy, make him a sandwich
ray lau
twice or more will be ok:)
How about DIE... Speak for yourself. I'm sick of these idiodic stereotypes about men. I'm a MAN, not a boy who apprecites a real lady and all that entails. How to impress a dumb GIRL: act and dress like a douche. Drop a bankroll. GAME OVER

This was obviously written by a juvenile male or insecure, bitter female. It's quite fitting you used generic bathroom pics, since those types are just as common. Don't go writing off all men just because you're a simpleton.
Hmm, a girl with a cute smile that can (game over) beat me at chess, damn sure that's impressive ;-)
I believe it, I'm a man and I know men
hahahahahahaha lol that is sooo true but mean at the same time lol
*condition apply .....
how to impress a girl? treat her like shit :D
cool its true,be acttractive and its true
not acttractive its not true
Fatee A
thats not true most of the time.
Most of ladies are easily impressed by men while some are very hard. Here, money is the clue
Y most of the time y not all the time
Ok, I am boy:D
Im saying though... How the hell do you get sprung over a smile? A nice smile might attract me to find out more but its never under any circumstances "game over"
How true! How true!
Very true the name MANKIND is simple oh my gosh there is no word womenkind very true!!!!
doesnt work like that
Hello fatee A how ar u doin
Takes more than that to impress me. :)
That is not a fair game,it took more than just a single smile to impress a boy. I also agree with leah you have to be sexy too.
Errm... this couldn't be further from the truth. Men have standards too.
I think a lot of "girls" are impressed with money. Sorry to say.
Takes more then that to impress my kind of woman
one more!
fake! glz only needs to impress wd smile :P
Respect lmprees smile and smart
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