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100% true.... ++++
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bull, i get rainbows when i am watering the garden
Oh, that always makes me think. People throw around the word happiness like nothing, but what is happiness??? I have yet to meet anyone who can answer me that question for me to understand it... Maybe you could help me?
what about a double rainbow all across the sky? (raises eyebrow)
+Michael Edwards No, I do not agree. For example, as a child, I always had to do stuff I hated. My parents forced me to do that (for what I can't thank them enough...). I wanted to experience Joy and live an easy life. But would that have made me happy? I doubt it. I am happy right now, but I had to force myself to do things I disliked to be happy. How can that be joyous contentment? That cannot be it. If you just want to experience Joy, you will not be happy. Take a rich man for example, he can get every joyful experience available in the earth, but will he be happy because of that? I doubt it. I really do. So then again, what is happiness??
honestly I love rain, I don't know why but I do!
That's the coolest poem! And it's true
very true right there. but you can also make it with a hose :)
Yes, if we need to see a RINBOW, the sea has to contribute some water and allow it to suffer the heat upto 100 Degree C. Those water molecules will fly HIGH AND WITH THE HELP OF THE SUN LIGHT, THE RAINBOW IS SEEN BY US. A Long Way .....
เข้าใจแล้วค่ะ มีความสุขกันบ้าง ทำไมคิดว่าคนในโลกนี้โหดร้ายกันหรือ ยาวปล่อยให้งงค่ะ
So true. This world isn't perfect. Make it the best you can
I don't mind getting happiness with pain. If it's pain and no happiness I object.
+Tony Siewert, happiness is a subjective state of mind, you cannot define it or even really tell someone else how to reach it. Pictures like this serve as general "guidelines" that don't really mean anything other than to provoke you into asking if yourself if you're happy. One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you have to ask yourself if you're happy, you're probably not.

I won't attempt to define happiness for you, but for me, it's something like "satisfaction in the majority areas of my life". I hope that helps.
one of the most imp things one should accept in life!!!!!!!
I can have rainbows whenever the funk I want. I POWER PUKE NYAN CAT!!!
what person puts these kind of things on the web. IT SUCKS!!!
The big problem, outside of all mentally retarded ( yes, that is what gay people are ) is that used the rainbow as their sign. The rainbow was and still is the sign of the Irish, more to the Leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of it.
awww so cute
your awesome
you spictaeler
and clouds and lightning
Sometimes it depends on your luck.
This is Funny or Die. Two choices. This image isn't in any way funny, so what happens now?
lara a
well said!
+Tony Siewert I didn't say that you just sit back and let happiness come to you. Sometimes you have to wrok hard to become happy, and make changes like you described.
Are you asking what happiness is, or how to get to a point of happiness? Those are two different questions.
Nothing you said proved my point wrong.
First you ask others to define happiness, then state that you are happy now.
If you consider yourself happy right now, do you not have a sense of joyous contentment? How would you define your own happiness?

In other news; people, just ignore +Rick Midgette. He's just a bored old troll. Bigots like him may have freedom of speech, but there's no requirement for you to listen to him.
lara a
anyway.... whats wrong with rain?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
Interesting that I'm being attacked. What that community doesn't understand is that Psychiatrist's throughout history have known that this was a mental illness, however the lawyers in the United States, or the Judaical system to be more exact, made them stop publishing these findings. So, if you don't agree like the justice system doesn't agree, then no one should get away with anything due to the fact that they are mentally ill.
True... Did you make that little poem up?
i appreciate that but when the rain is not allowing the sun to poke through their is no rainbow
+Rick Midgette Maybe you should show evidence for gays being mentally retarded? I have researched and found no studies that even remotely suggested mental retardation having a causal link to homosexuality.
I don't understand. I don't think your facts are straight. African americans were sold by their own country as slaves in the first place. Did you know when columbus so per say discovered america there were already african americans living in with the native americans. I am native american, apache and comanche. My people had the worst of it. The white man gave them the crappiest land and said you can have this. Its sad really. This is why on columbus day i walk into a random strangers house and say i live here now.
u ALWAYS reshare popular posts from what's hot
this is really a cute photo or whatever can you send it to me at
Rain makes things grow green!
(8) I wanna see the sun shine after the raiiinnnnnnn, reminded me of a tune !
It needs an apostrophe in between the n and the t in 'cant'. It's spelled c-a-n-'-t.
+Rick Midgette You're only telling half of the story. The vast majority of psychiatrists today do not classify homosexuality as a mental illness. Please show a current, modern day psychiatrist in good standing in the field, that believes that homosexuality is a mental illness. I doubt you'll find one, and even if you do, I'm sure I can find 100 that disagree with that diagnosis.

Many years ago, certain 'female problems' were classified as mental illnesses. However, as understanding of the psyche increased, alongside medical, physiological understanding, those beliefs were changed, based upon science. The same was true of sexual orientation. If you want to live in the past, fine. But let's not spread false information or half-truths around. That's simply immature.

And it's interesting that you bring the judicial system into this. Do you view homosexuality as a crime? If so, why?

Also, please provide evidence to support your claim that the judicial system forced psychiatrists to stop publishing these findings. And by that, I mean the psychiatric field at large, not just one or two random extremists.
Keith B
Can't stop laughing!
ok seriously ur name is the "funny or die guy" and so far NONE of your posts are funny, they're just sad..I say ur a liar or a hypocrite
Leo Sam
rain is not pain.
What if it's really heavy rain?
+ Michael Edwards You can find this information the same way I did, I Googled it. I was surprised when I found out.
The punctuation in this picture gives me pain in the brain.

That's OK because you obviously cannot have hAPpINess without PAIN according to this logic. Or maybe you need PINES. Or maybe NAPS.
some people pay to enjoy pain, so this is untrue! and you cant have a rainbow, because you can't buy it.
it works
when the smelling earth with a little rain
+Rick Midgette Every Google result that claims homosexuality is a mental illness is from a website that has a particular political agenda. When you look at unbiased, actual science-based websites, such as the APA, they make it clear that homosexuality is not a mental disorder.
Just because you read it on the Internet doesn't make it true, Rick. You have to consider the source. In this case, the only sources that agree with you are ones that have an obvious bias and political agenda.

From the APA:
Is homosexuality a mental disorder?
No, lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientations are not disorders. Research has found no inherent association between any of these sexual orientations and psychopathology. Both heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are normal aspects of human sexuality. Both have been documented in many different cultures and historical eras. Despite the persistence of stereotypes that portray lesbian, gay, and bisexual people as disturbed, several decades of research and clinical experience have led all mainstream medical and mental health organizations in this country to conclude that these orientations represent normal forms of human experience. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships are normal forms of human bonding. Therefore, these mainstream organizations long ago abandoned classifications of homosexuality as a mental disorder.
About APA
The American Psychological Association is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States. APA is the world's largest association of psychologists, with more than 154,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members.

I think I'll trust the APA over an ultra-conservative or fanatical-Christian website when it comes to psychological matters. I mean, you don't got to the dentist to have your vehicle's transmission checked; why would you go to anyone other than a trained, licensed psychologist/psychiatrist regarding mental health issues?
It's called logic. All you're doing is hand-picking the biased research that supports your own prejudice. That's very poor science.
This is so wrong! Happiness doesn't come after being sad! We earn it!
Thats Right how can we change it for free.............................
Eric Exodus your right
its true that for any achievement you must put great effort
lol it ture as a mexican song say WITHOUT HURTH THERE AINT NO LOVE
U no wat somtimes for mii it b pouring raining for days then a big bright rainbow for lik 2 hours then its pouring raining again :(
happiness isnt joy, d former is materialistic, while d latter is immaterialistic. This is how they work: i'm happy cos i got what i wanted, but joy is not depending on what i got but the victory of getting right, hence joy is internal n happiness is external. So if pain is considered a gift den joy is near, otherwise happiness.
I tell myself that all the time. So true
You can't have a cheeseburger without slaughter.
Waterfalls make rainbows, as do prisms....
Uh, yeah you can. Just get Rainbow Dash to do her Sonic Rainboom. There's a rainbow, but no rain.
Out of great pain most find great joy at the end of the journey
The first time for me to phrase in Russian sounds better than the English. "чтобы увидеть радугу, нужно пережить дождь"
It doesn't have to actually rain on you though, just somewhere you can see it . . .
Pain is one path to endorphins. Then of course, there is the sadomasochists to consider as well, who bring happiness and rainbows to the world at the crack of a naughty little whip.
It's really true,behind lots of happiness there must be some sad time also.
Not unless you flash some sunlight through a triangular prism. ;)
That's so true. I believe that.
Most people want nirvana, euphoria and pleasure. Using happiness for the contrasts helps find them.
Btw, get a prism. See all the rainbows you desire.
thats a really true statement
that's really cool, and true. i think i should write that on a sign and hang it up in my school
yea and look at the rain at a 52 deg angle too
mm nice philosophy
"some" gaps between clouds for sun rays to pass through is necessary too (:
woah i legit just opened a fortune cookie that said that same thing. O.o
why on earth does this post get 628 re-shares! Baffling!
this post gave me a tumor.
What happens if i like pain and hate happiness hmm...

Lol this is a sweet quote but cheesy :P
Your pain is my happiness. I hope it pours on you forever, the rainbow is nice from my vantage.
im going to paint that on my wall
pain also breeds hate, hate breeds anger and anger breeds retaliation
that is usually the end of the game.
Oil slicks do nice rainbows too...
that is so cute :D
thats what my great grandpa said ha ha joking he is turning 94 and can barely speak English any more speaks polish mostly
i want happiness and rainbows
no pain... no gain....
there's always sunshine after the rain
just go ahead and never look back
thats true but there is a preson who can give you happiness his name is GOD thats where all the happiness is
S Lund
SO TRUE, am i right or am i right?
yeah, yeah,smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone!
LOVEEE THISSS!!!!!!!!!! And its true!!!!
You don't really need rain to form rainbows.
Waterfalls are a good example.
i get to be the last coment this is true
R. Pal
lol, wait i got 500th
I saw a rainbow big and brite. It ended on a building on my route. As I got closer it was clear I was fooled. The rain bow had moved further down the road. As I chased the rainbow still on my path. I was detrmined to catch it and collect my pot of gold. What an illusion it was, I know this because it kept moving as I approached it. No wonder no one has ever found the end and the pot of gold said to be there. :-(
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