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New age Alphabet learning chart for kids!
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modernism language....
tammy jacobsensays thats crazy but it is the truth and yes i to feel old
A for Apple! the Steve Jobs!
no cuz my teacher is like 99999999999999999999999999999999999 million years old
Haha this is funny(: It is sorta true.
Modern means Now? so of course its modern. don't you mean sophisticated?
I will save this for when I have a kid and need to teach the alphabet!
lol how would they know what ur talking about if its a kid?!
abc's is supose to be simple
you teach them what it means so they will grow up technological genius's at least with our and there age of technology.
wow! hope hope my kid won't learn this...hahaha!!!!
lol... pretty cool... but te words r not taught... the kids learn it...
Why is Zorpia on there?
lol i would teach that to a robot
A should be Aple
In this times there is a new way to teach every letter to the children...
Ha Ha ha... Good one...
that would be soo funny if that was how they taught the alphabet
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