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vry mch true!!!!
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i agree with this statement all the way
I agree, I have never felt so alone before in my life, but I also know that if you have faith and hope, your lonliness will be filled and your relationship will grow strong.
never thought there's a DIFFERENCE between those lol
+Matthew Doll Can't agree with that !! to forget about a relationship u have to start an other !! as simple as that! at the end you'd never be hurt after a series of bad relationships! you'll be trained ! and why not a chance to launch yourself into a discovery mission for the one! as they say : before kissing a prince(ess) you should kiss a 100 frogs ( may be a 1000 for fun lol )
very true, thanks, been hurting for a minute and trying to fight it
Yeah and not as fun as when your single
introspeeeeeectiooonnn !!! lol
JoPa Mi
*very *much

Your posts are not funny, please die now
1 cover your mouth with your hand
2 whisper a wish into your hand
3 post this on three other comments
4 look at your hand
Vary true been married does that too
that's fantastic!! yes, i do agree!!!
fosdn;fas d]≈
weve all had these types of relationships and remember in the end the 2 of u will break up and BTY if he decides 2 keep ur relationship a secret then he probably doesnt want 2 be with u cuz hes embarassed of u dont allow tht and dont allow him 2 break up with u more than once if he breaks up with u once okay whatevr he breaksup with u twice no hes just gonna keep breakin up wit u evry time he finds someone prettier than u and then when they refuse hes gonna get back wit u beleive me its happened to me before and u know wht these guys r called ........................ there called players................ and jerks.........................and they dont care 4 u remember tht ur just a toy to them .........................ur just a peice of eye candy 4 him to show off and call his untill he finds someone prettierthan u ...............
Me,too,Destiney Bustillos! I feel you,girl! I feel ya!
i disagree i argue that point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary P
extremely true
sam jim
good point....
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