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Great People!
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and people like me say i have this post on my facebook timeline
Totally true. and the fact tv is only broadcasting shows involving unknwon twisted people shows what channels managers think of their audience.
So what for a person who talks about ideas, people and things
Bio mass power plant (50 KW)......seeking investor
dont want to talk about nothing
I am a combination of great, average and small people..:-)
I really like the idea. Eleanor Roosevelt said it...I'm going to keep a copy of the link to this image.
What might surprise you is who the quote is attributed to...Eleanore Roosevelt! The original quote from Eleanor Roosevelt goes like this: "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."
hee,hee I think this all the time!
lol people on facebook talk usually about people... :D
Oh man, I'm sometimes all three! But really, who isn't??
The I talk about beer guy is the funniest!
I should put this on my forehead so i can improve my self... day by day.
The other day I read about Dr. Woodward and his attempt to build a thruster that reacted against the gravitational fields of distant bodies using mass fluctuations in ionized materials.

Talk about them all and you tell a whole story.
or people who have no idea what there talking about lol
Everybody has a small person in them becus everyone talks abt other people every now and again
i guess i saw this one in facebook..
The adage is what I use in guiding myself. As a private Investigator resident in a developing world, I like talking about ideas. I learn from you and you also learn from me.
Its true because every body having a some level and limitations of thinking
I fully agree to the adage quoted herein. I am a private Investigator resident in Ghana. I work all through Africa. I need great people to associate with. You know learning never ends until you die so I want to continue learning from great people like you.
I totally agree that Like minds discuss like things. Also, Monkeys play by sizes. Can an Ape be in the company of Chimps?
Let those of us who are like minded play and be together.
I am a private Investigator, I need other and or, the same professionals to deal with. please contact me.
Would posting that be talking about other people?
What if you're talking about someone's great idea about a thing?
ENT[J,P] -> EST[J,P] -> ESF[J,P]. Where are your ENF[J,P]idealists?
i saw that quote in my family physician's clinic!
someone expressing my thoughts!
gr88 people thumbs up...yeaa!!
You correct Ocho!!! it is an Eleanor Roosevelt quote that I have always found self humiliating...
Fides P
its too serious, not funny,.. maybe I'm average
Truth,but none agreed wen i said
god manages idea and things
Sarah R
I must be small! :) 
I saw this spray painted on a wall in the garden district in new orleans over 15 years ago... I found the form of delivery to be a bit ironic....but has stuck with me every day of life since.
Damn, I'm a great person. If feels nice.
you guys are all a hoot! I have had the best time reading these, still the beer guy is the best, he is normal. Someone you could let watch your dog.
But this sign is talking about other people.
An old one but good one, and true one!
Fa- Ro
A biiiiiig fact.
i think great people do what small people dream .
i guess im all of them... i guess
Really true!We need more ideas!!!
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