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if you agree..? +++++
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yes I know for that ;)
sometimes it go beyond that ... to your hands lol
correct for me and ive gotten in serious trouble because of it.
+Satish Kumar i read that the area of the brain that does the actual thinking is almost 90% inactive when you area angry if that helps your case any
yes we hv 2 ctrl our brain then no 1 can ctrl our brain......
It has also been known to make the fists work faster than the mind.
Those who get angry fast makes their ideal brain work faster through excitement and emotion.
that's the truth just keep it cool and watch them get anger build up then smile but be ready for anything.
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables;

1530s (n., "bankrupt person"); 1560s (adj.), from It. banca rotta, lit. "a broken bench," from banca "moneylender's shop," lit. "bench" (see bank (1)) + rotta "broken, defeated, interrupted" from (and remodeled on) L. rupta, fem. pp. of rumpere "to break" (see rupture). "[S]o called from the habit of breaking the bench of bankrupts" [Klein]. The verb is first recorded 1550s. Related: Bankrupted; bankrupting.

Was the anger of Yeshua or Jesus misplaced?

Should he have turned the other cheek?
I'm tempted to say (think?) it's the other way round, actually.
agree, ur word hurts the other when u r out of ur mind
correct cos u tend to regret most of the things u said when the feelings leave u.
You eat when you're angry?
I know some commenters here on G+ with that problem
impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!! explain if possible...............
Deu Dox
Hmmmm..thats true
So true. Anger ultimately, only hurts the one holding on to it.
what if someone's dumb
soooooo true happened to me when i found out my former bf cheated on me and told he "loved" her more than he "loved" me
very so true im havent it right now because of a ex-cheating trying not too resent or hate god does'nt like that. everyone have a blessed day. kc
This is true tho. But sometimes when im mad i think of what imma do to that person XD
Sometimes it leaves me speechless!
I'm not sure about that because when I'm angry I feel very, very focused.... antagonisers beware ( :
very true. u just got to know when to be quiet and think of others before u speak what u r feeling.because once it said u can not take it bad. words can hurt more than anything.
when I read this, my brian went BBBBBBBBOBOOOOOOSMMSMS,
its so true and mindblowing
lol yea it true but if u can control it youyll be alright
but then there people that don't even talk, they just wanna hulk smash everything
thanks u all i think im just not going to get hooked up for awhile, i asked him to stop texting her he said he's known her since she was sixteen,but loves both of us yea right. i hope all is well with guys keep in-touch. Its so hard when u truly love someone.kc
YES ! YES ! YES !!!!
No,anger makes me more not burning my brain,but making it useful in my work to show my opponent how much i have gained from it...
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so true happened to me once regret it so much
True dat true dat lolz
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