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The first Computer ever...........
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Amazing. Only in so much as how far we've progressed in such a small span of time from the days when this was cutting edge technology.
not really. we had larger ones calculate the 1890 census
Wow, this looks nothing like our modern day laptops and PCs
+Jolynn Gurns I agree, what's that woman doing outside of the kitchen? At least be drying some dishes for Chris'sake.
Note that the original computer programmers were all women. Men didn't start pushing them out of the role until the late 1960s and 70s.
+Maximillian Frenky Tan, early computer systems did have many similarities to the then current telephone technology... including having women as the programmers! As I said above, women didn't get pushed out of the role until the late 60s and 70s...
First computer? The Brits had Colassis first. It was classified Top Secret during WWII They didn't tell any one at all! Winston Churchill would ordered so. It was used to break the enigma machine code. It wasn't declassified until the late 50"s by England' MI6.
Yes, One of the first programmable looms was the lace looms in Europe. It used a long leather or chain belt to hold a series of cards that drove the patterns. It was based on the same principle of a "player piano" roll. The person who designed the pattern and later created the wooden punch cards was the highest payed person in the company. Often he received twice what the owner would make for a day's work. At one time in Ireland it was a hanging offence to copy or otherwise steal a lace program.
yeah ever what?????????????????????????????????
Anders, If you have a digital watch on, you have more processing power on your wrist.
At the time a fortune. All hand made. I helped restore an early tube type computer that I changed tubes on when I was in high school. It was found in an derelict auto factory in a room in the basement.
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