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5 Wonders Of The World!
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Quite? I was going to be quiet about it, but i had to ask.
I like 1, because it negates the other 4 due to spelling errors.
Mark H
ikr? it seems like two girls sitting quite... TROLL!
lmbo well i guess lot of poeple wonder about me being number 1, cause im quite :P
the girl thing is happing right know my mom is not asking for money i dont ware mak-up that much and my boyfriend today said that he only loves me so it almos all happned today
Has to be a rumor/ Women are never quiet, wive's never don't ask for money, girlfriends never pay the bill, girls never go without makeup and only a man would love only one woman.
ok not true i am a girl and i am sitting in a house where there is a wife and girls ok i am not wearing make-up i dont really like it and my mom is not asking my dad for money and there are two girls me and my sister that are not talking so not rumor sorry +Chuck Register
+Chuck Register some women do pay thier own bills, and never ask for's called being independent :P
and yet your persistent comments validate the argument.
girls are independent..they can live without men
yeah thank you +Alissa Brown we r proud to be women so u guys need to not worry about wht we do, we can do stuff with, we have done alot with you so i am glad that my boyfriend does not act like that
I supported 2 husbands and 2 boyfriends. I am Quite, but not altogether quiet. I can easily go days/weeks without make up, and I look stunning either way. Both of my husbands DID love just one woman (aside from dear old mom). Unfortunately they died before their time, but no stranger ladies came to the funeral, so I'm assuming that that was true.
Divorced from last 5 girlfriends including recent x wife. Couldn't exist without running their mouth, wasting money or without makeup. They were all "independent" women when I met them as well.
I worked my ass off paying the bills and putting up with the bullsh*t that i've had it up to my eyeballs with so called 'independent' women. Independent = Irresponsible feminist with an entitlement complex.
well..i choose only number 5.. lol
the fourth one is soo damn tru!!!
2 Girls Sitting Quite.. Quite what???
6) Using Correct Capitalisation and Only One Full Stop..
People on the internet spelling words like "quiet" correctly.
nah.. ! disagreed for all the pints.. !
hate your 5 wonder of the world man.
I wish!!!!!! 5 and 4 r either true or hopefully will be some day's only a human error ....nobody is spel 100%........what a joke this
#6. Internet posts that get all the spelling right. Or am I the only one who caught the goof in #1?
i didn't say love to one girl...................
This things are sure rare and one who has seen these things in life may be called one of the great wonders!!!!!!! If only this would happen to all the people!!!!!!!!!!!
2 girls sitting quite what?...
thats just mean... im offened!!!
does everything on that list but oppisite
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!`s not possible...........
is it that hard for a boy to love only 1 girl?seriously? xp
I go out without makeup ...
this is the moment when the world really became wonderful.............hmmmmmm
Well, I have 2, 5 and sometimes 4. What do I win?
it is simply impossible .

but if it exist i am in heaven.
can u guys stop posting things to the public i dont want this JUNK
Quiet = no sound... WHILE Quite = intensifying adverb.... Nice Engrish
6) Your girlfriend saying I will just go out to paint the house honey
As per Dave Moehle Correct the word Please.
Every time you make a spelling mistake, the errorists win.
I don't get it...
Wait, now i do and it's messed up
If these are really wonders to anyone, you need to get the hell out of where you are and find some real people...
They have been doing all that to me ... man, that's the shape of things to come ...!! Something is happening / changing all the time ... but you do not know what it is ... Do You ? Mr. Jones ..!! love rahat
1. "Quite"?
2. Pretty sure women are now outpacing their husbands in income
3. See #2
4. Thank you for instilling in all females that the only thing that matters is how they look and then being shocked that they'll spend time on their appearance
5. Pretty sure if they're a "player" they won't "love" any girls
1) Spelling? quiet or quite - very different words, very different meanings.
agar aisa hota ladkon ki waat laf jati :P:P
The 2 girls were quite quiet I noticed :)
Funny Or Die Guy... u better check ur time u wont make a same mistake again.
Lin Lin
哈哈 \(^o^)/
6) People Not Over Capitalizing Everything
7) People Not Making Spelling Errors
Even if I try very hard, I simply cannot understand why some people find such blatantly silly stuff 'funny' ?? - My fault I'm sure.
Passing off sexist/gender stereotypes (against both men and women) has never seemed funny to me. I wish I could down-vote this. And what's with the punctuation? Period is 1 dot and elipses are 3.
too god....2 girls sittin quiet..impossible :):):)
2.Girlfreind paying the bill , no no if you love her really no matter what, you will pay for her.
0) "Funny" pictures that don't look like the text was written by a first grader.
yeah! real wonder of the world
I wouldn't even mind the sexism if it was funny. Sadly it's not.
You lost me after 'quite'. It's 'quiet'. Learn to spell before you use the internet.
I see it all the times: ones does not need to lean to spell to use the Internet, but it helps.
truly new wonders of the
1st 2nd 3rd and 4rth e is corect......
I have the second wonder, she never ask, and when I give she give me some of it back???
i believe all to be truth about these wonders
I thought this guy was just joking about a common tease to the sexes. He didn't only say stuff about women. He even made a joke about the males that are dogs and not men. We all know the kind that this is commenting toward. I know some women that never leave the house and when they are around another women they will even go the the restroom together. The ones that take care of the bills usually are the ones that feel more comfortable knowing the bills. Me and my lady look at them together and discuss what we are doing together. That way we both know whats going on and gives us both security. Sorry some keys on my keyboard don't work so I have to word things differently. lol
Too bad the guy who wrote it doesn't know how to spell....
hmmm... I experienced 3 wonders out of 5. Lucky me : )
6th wonder a meme where everything is actually spelled correctly...
aimee C
1-4 is possible...5 not
I have witnessed 2 girls sitting quietly, and know wives who with their husbands not asking each other for money, but working together for it. Many girls pay the bills, and guys do too. Many girls are comfortable without make-up, and many boys express their love and caring for one special girl in their heart.
+Ann Maser those you said are rare and exceptional ; the exaggeration makes it funny .
I too have witnessed girls pausing to draw breath, and know wives with husbands afraid to say anything other than, "Yes Dear". Most girls tell their guy beforehand where and how much the bill is going to be. All heterosexual guys are comfortable without makeup, and many girls fall like redwood trees for any guy who vocalize the word,"Love", within their range of hearing.
1. Is totally true. Like if the two girls don't like each other? 
I think the last word of number 1 should be "quietly"
:) plus+ 'me' ....................... :P
i know men out there will love when a woman do all the work but that's not fear to us we need some of all the above most of the time
1. happen when they playing dota or counter strike
2. happen if husband is not having a job / poor / dead
3. happen cause the world has changed, girls dominating
4. happen cause they already pretty without make up
5. happen cause loving only 1 girl make their world turn upside down / spin 360degree
I can do number 3 and 4 easy and still look great. 5 is impossible.
(F(iv)e )<>And funny or die guy stops being funny,.,.><<>,><
The girls not accepting their faults anymore
its the 6th Wonder
This is why i do pay my own bills
3rd is true....n 5th is very very true,,,,,,,,
1,4 & 5 are true, but 2 & 3 are a little sexist
4 things about girls and just one fact about guys ......why.
ha ha ha.....perfectly...sorry to say that.
no its not five wonders of world .....its five wonders about girls.....can we say that ???/// agreee or not????/////
I pay for dinner most the time, I make my own money and never need to ask for it. My boyfriend loves only me, i dont wear make-up except for family pictures and rare occasions. and 9/10 I like to sit and read a book...quietly. So, this is 5 wonders about some women. Not all. That's the same as saying 5 wonders about men:

1. Man listening, not just hearing, a woman.

2. Man not getting his pride and ego bruised if a woman picks up the tab

3. Man actually aiming his urine in the toilet vs. on the floor/seat.

4. Man seeing a woman for all she is, and not taking her for granted.

5. Man having a sensitive side.

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