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If browsers were guns Like this....
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IE is a great browser... for downloading Google Chrome
At least it didn't get the dreaded spit ball gun
IE is a great browser actually..
chrome freezes up too often for me
+leo dav fuck,你哥猪头,韩国以前的首都叫汉城的,korea do not have their character,
could anyone fix my chrome btw? no?
freezing up my system and chrome itself
and shockwave plugin failing every now and then
draining CPU usage
eventhough i have a 3Ghz core 2 duo which is a capable one
OK now this is just silly. Put the dumb IE jokes away. You're funnier when you're posting animated gifs.
me too i swtiched to chrome from ie 9
but i don't think ie 9 is not that bad at all; but ofc chrome is better unless it could do away with the freeze ups and stuff
I've seen better versions of this diagram. My fav is the one that has IE represented with a backwards-firing-pistol.

Chrome is the bomb. Switched from Firefox two years and and couldn't be happier. Closest thing to instant web browsing you can get!
jo holt
so bassiccally it all depends on what kinda souldier u are,my person openion for guns is firefox would win because the mini guns very portable and can be harrd to control the g36 with grnade launcher howwver would be good for all around combat...tho gc wtill rocks
Internet Explorer be a water gun filled with piss that backfired...
Internet explorer ain't that bad, I still use it, but if I do switch to google chrome, which I'm considering, is there a way to transport my ie favourites across to chrome??
If you have problem with your chrome, uninstall Firefox. That'll fix it
Opera is good for hunting for coyote.
I am so ashamed! I am using IE. Is crawling under the table hehe
Someone likes chrome too much, but 100% accurate about IE
It's a dirty job being a water gun, but somebody's gotta do it!
So wait, effectively they are saying the only safe browser is IE as all the others kill people?
I love how no-one hearts IE! MiniGun chrome = Lord of the interverse!
So Internet Explorer is a water gun.Nice.
so you are saying that chrome is slow to start up,very inaccurate ,requires special training to operate , and is cumbersome
My browsing experience on my laptop was so freaking slow that I thought that my computer was one of those that needed diesel fuel to crack it, then I installed chrome! I was like: WOWSER BROWSER! Shoot shoot shoot!
Then i think i got the most powerful weapon. XD
well explorere is not that bad ;/ seriously , its like the google people made this :|
I was an IE user, then tried Mozilla too...they were both fine to use as browsers..but as soon as I have CHROME...jeez louise!!! I ain't stoppable...Chrome is cooler!!! (^_^)
Let's Play with the internet explorer
According to this image, IE is not portrayed as being as "powerful" as the other browsers, but I guess even a child knows how to use a water-gun...
That's why we want to play with it. Cause there's no risk of death. lol :)
What about Netscape?!?!?! hahaha
Safari is that bad? Really?? Feels like it's faster than the Fox on Macs. But of course, Chrome is king.
den there will be wars among them...nd firefox will defeat all
If browsers were the guns, then I could have easily shot atleast 90% of users with Fake female IDs, who are cheap and vulgar and could try to clean the orkut.
Seems way off to me, Chrome is lightweight and quick a minigun is bulky, slow to start up and very inaccurate. I don't use Safari but I don't think an antique blunder bust draw a very good analogy either, I could but I won't go on.
But somehow you can use the same munition for chrome and safari?
Hai Le
IE is a water gun ? So funny but true !
nice matching with the weapons and browser
Internet Explorer is verry funny! LOL
Who the hell keeps making these stupid pictures!?
then imma use chrome cuz its the strongest :D
opera -- sniper rifle, one shot - one kill no useless fired bullets... kinda true :P
chrome is big and bulky, yeah, kinda true.
Yeah. Most people rather use water than real ammo.
eDDy c.
As ling as it shoots
I Doubt the guys at Microsoft also use chrome ;).
PS- Not sure if I should to +1 .................... or share :|
I don't get it, it seems like the first 4 were completely random and this was all just to make fun of IE.
Irony of a lifetime. I am using IE right now. Using my cousin's laptop and on mozilla he has all auto passwords. He doesnt use chrome. Therefore I have to use IE. (I have to give all this explanation because I don't want to give an impression that I am from stone age)
hah, I am using machine gun - chrome now. It is a powerful and damned fast browser.
Fan Rao
Maybe #internetexplorer IE has a great power? But now I using Google Chrome.
I Doubt the guys at Microsoft also use chrome ;)
PS- Not sure if I should +1 .................... or share XD
Safari on os x lion is amazing, but on any other os, google chrome kills the competition :)
hahahahaa :) .. nice one :) LOVE GOOGLE :D
look at those wierd guns
ha ha aha
nice one dude
Hey! Cool! Maybe if I post a picture that I first saw about 6 months ago, I will get over 1000 +'s too! Lame.
All commentrs, first use IE 10 Developer preview and then say.......
lol internet Explorer is a squirt gun lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL OMFG Chrome CircleJerk!!!111!!one!
Now this is a more accurate version of the last one that compared Firefox to the M14, and Chrome to an M4/AR-15.
I use internet explorer....
I switched from IE to Google Chrome. Have used Firefox in the past. My girlfriend uses Safari.
I like this one but lately Chrome has been acting more like Safri
So wait, you're saying Opera is the best?
Chrome for work, Firefox for home, Opera for those hard to shoot people(XP).
B. Ng
So IE is the most fun?
So true, although I would not recommend giving your kids the IE to avoid catching any bad viruses. :-)
i always look at internet explorer first cause I wanna see how sucky the gun is
I would have to say this is true. Chrome and FireFox are the best ones. I went on IE on my school computer. It takes so log for everything to load. I also hear that it gives you the most viruses on your computer.
i saw another image like this in which Internet Explorer Gun , was such that the bullet will hit the shooter... like the other way round..
water gun! LOL! i called it ancient!
Very funny but I still think IE is overpowered though!
Must say of all of those guns.... i would chose the water gun!! it looks beast!
If so, I will stay with IE, less powerful but handy. Haha...
no Google Chrome is the water gun Firefox and safari is that 1750 pistol and the opera is like the current Chrome gun
IE is bad, but not like a water pistol... maybe it would be an arquebus (S. XVI), I don't see Opera as being as much destructive and slow-firing as depicted, I'll put it like an useful 9mm pistol. I agree with Chrome being a powerful high-speed, but unaccurate, machine-gun and Firefox like a powerful accurate but relatively slow fast sniper.
I honestly think that Internet Explorer is better than Firefox and Safari!
+Joseph Remes Internet Explorer is the 2012 equivelant of AOL. The only time I use IE is when I'm at work and that's all that's allowed. I've never had Chrome fail (knock on wood), so I see no point in using IE.
Clearly, Joseph Remes has never developed a website. While all other browsers hold a uniform standard to how they interpret a website's code, a web developer must literally work around IE users. Whenever I develop a page, I test it with firefox, and 98% of it works perfectly the same with all other browsers. Then I jump on IE, and the page is a picasso masterpiece of misplaced items scattered on the page. Internet Explorer is an awful piece of software that I very much wish never existed.
+Joseph Remes quite obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Websites are made for IE compatibility because IE is still popular and developers want users to be able to access their site - it has nothing at all to do with the quality of the browser. And let's not hear pretend like popularity implies quality. IE is only popular because it's what comes on Windows by default.
neither true nor particularly funny.
This is a perfect diagram of the browsers.
funny that's so true
Actually, although Chrome is superb, and certainly my preference, it is not the best in all circumstances. It does not like slow lines, which some people have to use for some reason (the whole world does not run on super-greased broadband), and it is particularly hard on dial-up speeds, which some people are still stuck with. And it is not the best on all sites. For some, to get them displaying properly you either have to use the Explorer Tab Extension, or Explorer itself. And for others Firefox is best. Sadly, Chrome is not the best for Google+ on slow lines. You have to use Firefox, and therefore miss out on all those juicy extensions. So the image is cute, but not the whole truth. It is horses for courses, or guns for targets. Would that Chrome was the answer to every circumstance! Not yet... :-(
Explorer exploded ...this is perfect...IE sucks :)
i dunno internet exp is for ppl who got shitty comps so im a lil against it
You poor people obviously don't know what IE9 is capable of. Fastest browser ever. BFG from Quake 3 Arena!
Well anyone who has ever played Quake3 knows its all about the rail gun ie Firefox. ;)
Well... I would put some, maybe not so practical but stylish weapon for Safari and Flintlock for IE... Safari have same engine as Chrome only with not so many add-ons... and maybe not so powerful as chrome but with some beter features than chrome. Also IE is not so bad to compare it with water gun.. :) it have problems to follow up with the latest tech so IE would deserve flintlock... :)
That explains everything.Hehehehe
Poor Internet Explorer, but I do agree with this XD
Safari ought to be Chrome plated. 
i think ff better than chrome
+Joseph Remes , I'm upset at Microsoft, not you bro!
lol, it's not your fault. It's just frustrating that web developers literally have to PUT UP WITH the most popular browser in the world. Very frustrating indeed.
Agree on chrome. Not so much on FireFox
Dobra ilustracija..situacije na bojištu...
Wenn es nach dem Bild gänge, würde ich Opera bevorzugen. Hat voll Stil... :-P
Too small! Size and weight like a full Super Soaker, squirts like that one, and statically charged, so everything sticks to it.
I thought Firefox was the minigun, takes some time to power on but once its on it shoots fast bullets everywhere. And of course, Chrome is a rocket launching high-fire-rate minigun. IE is more like, a leaky water gun filled with piss that shoots backwards. But it's good.... I used it to download Firefox to download Chrome! :)
i stopped using internet explorer a LONG time agao...safari sucks...firefox isn't bad...i don't like opera at all.
EPIC CHROME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lol at internet explorer
awnser to 2 above my last because it sucks
My first question is what is Opera? And second I would love a wallpaper for this I would so download it!
Haven't used I.E. since Firefox first came out.
(AT LEAST, well maybe except to DL Firefox)
That was a happy day.

Now I'm lovin' Chrome for Android on Android 4.0.4!
Inna Z
Sorry Internet explorer
It compares the coolness of each browser to guns. Explorer is a water pistol, chrome is a rating barrel machine gun.
does this mean that Internet Exploer is mostly used by kids?
Chromium and Chrome FTW!! IE users should just give up on life!
internet explorer sucks go google chrome!
Im using fire... I think it s bttr than chrome 
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