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Can't help but laugh every time I see this.
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Неужели вышел "Пес барбос или необычайный кросс - 2"
Жесть... чуть живот не порвал...))
Класная собачка-У-У-У-уйдите от меня.
Where do you get or find all of these holarious videos?!
old guy looks like he's trying to do some kind of old western dance
last firework looks like it actually hit the dancing western guy
wouldnt you just love that dog so when your getting mugge he could just get the gun and fire it everywhere while u duck
Dog Nukem with rocket launcher :)
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" Настало твое время Валера ! "
wow i have that kind of dog and he hasnt done anything like tht cool tht dog is brave
why is the dog holding a flare or firework?
leave it to the doxin to be the bravest one there, when all run away, he runs up and grabs it and starts shooten ppl with it xD
did anybody else notice the guy in the white shirt gets shot in the butt?
Собака - ракетница
Охотницкая собака. Можно на медведя брать.
У меня тоже такса- такой же -идиот он думает что большой и сильный по этому его вечно рвут другие собаки ;)
Собака решила перестрелять этих тупых homosapians)
анекдотичный случай) но не зря же во многих историях обыгрывается))
какая отважная собака, палка то шумит, дымит и искрит)))
I can't watch gif files on my G+ mobile app. It sucks! Does anyone have the same problem? :S
This reminds me of the A-team movie for some reason...
OMG I have seen this so often now and still can't stop cracking up ;)
Roman Candles can be quite troublesome around a dog. LOL!
watch out dogs now have went from biting to shooting
very good. i'm glad the dog's not scared of fireworks
I bet he was made because they didn't give him his chew toy. LOL!
A crazy dog, he could be a hero!
wah... the dog can be a soldiers or terrorist..
holy shit!! this is an awesome video. the dog has its revenge on the humans. love it!!
that's the funniest thing av seen all year so
news later that day: early today there were 5 people killed today when a dog picked up a firework a procceded to run with it in its mouth. this is the 4th dog related homicide this month
Oh....poor dog. this should teach your owners a lesson.
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