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it always happens when you so far and took books at exam time..and think that why i am die.  
i think i'll end up like this
this is by a medical student - they usually have a set of bones for anatomy classes
I think both of U guys R Med. Stdnt.... Alok & Surya...
'I was born intelligent but education ruined me'-a famous t-shirt quote.
Yaaaa its old...but its still making rounds in college though.
Why He Has opted for the medical sciences ?
Omg!! that's soooo me, I do homeschool, and it's exactly like that
There are many skulls out there making money without know nothing whatsoever but they have attitude.
thats me my sophmore year!!!!
+satya prakash yadav  I dont think it is preparing for any exam. it is searching for treatment so that it might come back to life! lol!
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