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it always happens when you so far and took books at exam time..and think that why i am die.  
i think i'll end up like this
clever setup by a bio student, look carefully all the books are of biology, and 'tis probably in india...and they thought it was him reading the books
this is by a medical student - they usually have a set of bones for anatomy classes
I think both of U guys R Med. Stdnt.... Alok & Surya...
'I was born intelligent but education ruined me'-a famous t-shirt quote.
famous but old qoute +1Ron Thomas
Yaaaa its old...but its still making rounds in college though.
It is what I am right now
Why He Has opted for the medical sciences ?
Omg!! that's soooo me, I do homeschool, and it's exactly like that
There are many skulls out there making money without know nothing whatsoever but they have attitude.
see? even dead people hate studying
thats me my sophmore year!!!!
+satya prakash yadav  I dont think it is preparing for any exam. it is searching for treatment so that it might come back to life! lol!
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