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That's cool!
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ok..has anyone else notice that person is doing it IN FRONT OF THEIR COMPUTER! o.0
Actually, the skin contains alot of nutrients...
not really good. The skin is very healthy to eat.
its really easily.But we are suppose to eat apple with skin
you never saw this before? I had one of them over 15years ago in China!
my grandma had one made of metal over 50 years ago and she still does & she uses it still. nothing like homemade applesauce!
"She could peel an apple in one long, curly strip."
boo Jay
Gimme and I will give you the moneyz
These are over 100 years old. They used to be rather large and use razor blades.
Where can I buy it? Super easier......!
Great idea - otherwise you'd in danger of getting enough fibre in your diet...
old tech in flimsy new package....yay
here we can see in things people excel at .... best is gone
My mom has one from 1887, it's made of cast iron and it'll skin your knee as well as your apple...
easy way to rip off Apple:)
I'm Chinese, I've seen this at least 10 years before
The device must be made by Samsung. Because currently it is ripping off Apple everywhere! :-)
Was there any machines to skin out our political leaders ?
I've only seen that on the fruit shops at the streets corners of Peru back in 1997...
+Nadeem Inamdar I got news for you, Samsung is Apple's main product supplier. Technically, Apple is ripping off Samsung's technology.
Cool! But why de-skin unless there is high pesticide use in apple orchards? The skin is supposed to be full of health benefits.
we need a gadget to peel an apple? how lazy can we get?
Now pack one of them in your kid's lunchbox. :P
Why would you peel off the skin? That's where all the vitamins are.......
Wait, who hasn't seen one of these? This device is very old.
Great Invention Must have to much Time to Spoil but int he comes up with an Idea Good......!!!!
this is very old, fruit vendors back home in Jamaica use to use a similar equipments to peel oranges, and this is from 1990 when i first saw one
nice 2 c this, ill just ill
life me first time dekh raha hu. Apple bhi chil kar khate hain !!!
I used such a device - cruder and less polished - to peel potatoes for my mother and her 5 barns just before or after WW2 in Thuringia... I now eat apples with their skin but find a modern potato peeler is a lot quicker! (We usually have potatoes in the jacket, and unlike my wife, I eat them peel and all...)
If any1 want one of these apple peeler, I send U one, the price is about 25USD + P&P. Don't hesitate to contact me...
I have seen this 10 years ago and I can promise that the item was made in china.
The Apple lawyers must be looking at this and sharpening their knives. I am sure, they will find several patent and copyright violations.
wooww hey i seriously need one of those........i m serious
i loved apples and always hated the cover........................................................................thanks!!
I remember having one 15 years ago, at least. Why is that trending?
Now that's HOT! too bad I hate apples :D
i wanna brake dis machine
Have we become that lazy.......this is just too funny (i'd buy this---hides)
Apple bi chil kar khate hey tum logo...hmmmmm
that is a pretty good idea :)
K exactly what is it?
The one I've got (which was $10 on ebay) cores the apple also.
Why would you want to peel an apple? I love it with the skin and that's healthy as well.
Thank GOD! The apple peel is RIDDLED with toxins!!! #alwayssunny
So is the air you breathe, +Noah Gubernick. There are more health advantages to eating the peel than worries about dying from it.
wow, i like this one. it could save so much time!!!
Deena A
time saving..................
for me, taking off the skin, loses half of the apple flavor! :/
My grandmother had a clanky old metal apple peeler from the early 1900's that worked just as good. They just covered this one in plastic. And we still have to hand crank it?
Koo Yak
Shut up and take my money!
awesome verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cool
It's stupid...why do you need to skin the apple in the first place?
our peeler cores the apple at the same time.
if the apple is bigger or smaller,then ?
1400+ pluses for a short, lame video of something you can buy at any Pampered chef party? This is either the lamest profile on G+ or there are that many lame people who think this is an interesting video... or there are a lot of people who very rarely go into a common kitchen.
Ok, explanations. You use these mainly to peel bulk apples for recipes that work better with peels removed (pie/applesauce/apple butter, etc). Some of those can be done with the peel, but a cooked peel also tends to be more bitter. They've been around a LONG time, since people have been peeling apples a long time, and this one is a simplistic version made of plastic and what is essentially a razor blade.

For those wondering what a big full metal one looks like or costs, let's consult Google Product search -'s $12 online (well, per listing, actual price comes closer to $30), and it peels, cores, and slices a firm apple (do not try to use these with bruised or soft apples..)

and here's what you can make
hey Jam Bra, maybe you go to these Pampered chef parties, but I don't and I am sure most normal people wouldn't either, so this video showed me something new. if you don't like the post, stop following them, I hate when people like you make these type of comments.
DIY= Do it Yourself

So how we can made it..or just buy it??
i have one that cores it too, also cuts it into a spiral
too common. Let's see one that peels 50 apples in one crank. Go!
Check out my google plus
qu a
anyway, cool
So Useful!!!!!!1
I want one
This is funny how? I think I missed the punch line. often do you eat apple?
I had one almost 20 years ago...
I hate the skin of a apple if it wasn't for the skin i would have one all the time :)
thats so cool where can i get one
I can't stop laughing at how that apple got peeled...
cool stuff , but does it really worth
Ours slices, peels and cores at the same time. What's cool about this one? I don't get it.
What is the big deal? Those have been around for over a 100 years, if not more.
woo nice idea for tech and design
so cool
i'm not usually one to post negative comments, but THIS made it into "what's hot"?!? wow.
It's powerful than before.....
Do you think it would peel an orange too? LOL! My sister & I were just complaining about them hahaha
You've just peeled away 85% of the vitamins.
he peeled off the best part!! 0_0
Why throw away the peel? It's just wrong. Wash the apples and enjoy them as a whole.
These have been around for more than 100 years. in one form or another. even this particular design isn't really new. I wonder now if you sit on a design for 20 years or so and bring it out again if it will make it's own marketing because off the wow factor for people who are too young to have seen it before?
The ones I've seen have peeled, sliced, AND de-cored the apple
I have one from my grandparents which is probably 100 years old. Not exactly a new concept. Now if you made it USB powered...
And it plays the original cylinder shaped Edison records too.
is there anything on the market that would do the same to potatoes ?
i friggen want one thats so awsome!!!

or you can go to and its also $12.95. is 12.75 and no tax if ur in florida.
what happens when the appel is too big?
Wrong! You're losing so much nutrients by peeling the apple.
i need one of those i don't like the peel:)
kool(: i want that !!!!!!!! im to lazy to peel my own apples
Wow Fantastic , dear Jan Kimo peeling the apple is not good , dear which kinds of energy we can get from nutrients or it's good for what if you don't mind plz give me the information about this . Thank you dear .
Amazing peeling machine.If u bring it to the market, Iwould be the first to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's so cool about it? It's your basic apple peeler that has existed in varying forms for over a hundred years. As an FYI the same technology is also used to peel citrus fruits (especially oranges and lemons). What is so amazing about it?
I want an orange peeler. Got one?
I had one of these as a kid. We used it mainly for peeling potatoes, not apples. It could take the core out too, and sometimes we took the core out of potatoes, then stuffed the hole with ground beef and baked it. Mom called them Alligator Eggs.
Yep, apple peelers using the same design -- except executed in metal -- have been around for >100 years.
If young people didn't get all their info from social networking sites and The Daily Show they wouldn't be so ignorant.
400+ comments for an item that's been around since the 40s? Guess people have never gone to the kitchen department at the store.
It amuses me that so many people dont understand why you peel the apple or why you need a machine to do it. Its not made to peel one apple, It was made to prepare several apples for canning. It takes forever to peel, core, and cut enough apples to can and the peels don't cook down well enough to put in apple sauce or apple butter.
how is that funny or die? So lazy to actually peel that apple!!! dnt peel... eat all of it, thats wr all the nutrients are!!
I can't help but think of Badger from Firefly.
actually, that is a very stupid invention..since the slough (or right under it) there is the bigger amount of nutritions...
thats cool think i need me 1 of them lol
This is awesome. Looks like it could save you some time
those little gadgets had been around for a long long time....
that's facy made out of plastic. the real ones were made out of woodand metal... nice none the less !!!
That awkward moment when you realise it won't work for anything else but an apple
i have this thing at home
...but great for making apple pie (which is AWESOME for your health). =)
Nice one! Can I have one? For my wife....
I remember my mom getting one of these back in 1995...only works when the apple is perfectly sized =(
I am fully aware of this, +Dale Stanton . I definitely know that the skin is actually better than the rest, and I am merely quoting a TV show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
it is cool but the skin is more nutritious and tastier
Dude I want one and I dont even eat apples that much!
This person deserves an award!
this isn't anything new i have one and u can get it at your local grocery store
it's very nice wen did u release INDIA
Those have been around for years! And when I say years I mean many years!
haha i do have one of those !!!
Is it USB powered?
Why is this person peeling apples on their computer desk?
Someone's mom is gonna be pissed!
people with imagination.....
why peel an apple at all, u loose a lot nutrients
esto esta ok raquel pero que buena hidea 
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