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+++ if you can read this...
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lol, only unsmart people can write this^^
Maybe you shouldn't have skipped English class the past few years...
Only Intelligent Can Upload Such Pictures.... B-)
yes, I can,,,
it's mean i'm smart,,,hihi,,,
Everyone can read that.
If you read it fast, you won't even realize the displacement of words.
It's a theory that in most cases people don't even read the full phrase when they read fast; they only look at the beginning and the end of the phrase.
xin liu
it is not very difficult to understand.
U have to wright like only men can read this...else u know!!!
only smart people can read this. so easy and jujoopi...
Ie Cnaot rede ite.
That's funny!! I get it. 'Only smart people can read this.'
That's it. I'm turning the hot on google stream off. This crap is getting ridiculous.
Only Smart People Can Read This
labtiiy to erda htsi oedsnt meka uyo a sramt erspon
only smart people can read this
I can read this..... OMG, am I smart ???? [ poker face ]
thats bull, I managed to read it and I'm not so smart
after reading this i found that the words r scrambled.
yes only smart people can read this, so I m smart
Of course: The cat is on the table! Was pretty easy U_U
yea who is able to read this he/she is a smart one.
Only people who can't spell can write that
if you can read, you are smart... logic
most people can automatically read a word if the first and last letters are not moved
nobody understand that one man can make fool to everybody
it means that you are not understand !
only smart people can read this. its over so i am smart
any1 can read it because if the first and last letter r in place then even if the middle letters are scrambled the brain can figure it out
not smart people, but people who have too much bias. They do not intentionally realize the difference.
Jings............... i read it no problem.................. wasn't till i read it the third time that i noticed the spelling Lol
funny joke i found the mistake on the third and fourth line hahahahahahahahahah
there izz mistake in each word expt...can...:))
Hooooooooooooooooooooooo ho
Writter of this Dont know HIndi
isme likae kya hai jo smart people hiii read kar sakte hai.:)
go watch my video on downloading movies and then watch one...before the internets make your head explode
lol wow i think im stupidly smart, i read it without noticing the letters were changed lol
olny smrat poelpe can raed tihs, only smart people can read this

hee im smart
sahi hai bhidu iam a read and smart u
well im smart cause i can read this lol
dis is so easyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!1
oh ya i cn read thiz too........vich means im smart:P
i am smart.... and this is not diffcult
I think only smart people can read that...
only smart notice the spelling mistake in the first word...
This is more about how our minds pick up the patterns in words. Only the first and last letter need to be in place, anything in between can be a mess and our minds can form that word on its own. Pattern recognition.
This technically has nothing to do with being smart. Your brain automatically does it. Some people have a harder time. I, for example, edit a lot of papers. Because of this, I check each letter as I read. This takes me longer to read than it would most people.
am i still smart if it took me three tries?
lol only smart people can read this see lol i read it
Isn't " can " misspelled.
i didnt even notice that it was mixed up until after i had read it
lol I didn't notice it was backwards until after I read the comments!!!!!
only smart people can spell right
I'm not smart, but I can read it too !!!
Cover ur mouth with ur hand whisper a wish in ur hand post this on 3 other comments look at ur hand
please correct the first word only,and i want to the meaning of "OLNY"design of words are superb
It's more about pattern recognition really. Our minds don't look at every single letter to form a word, so long as the letters that form the word are grouped together most people will be able to read it. Regardless of their order.
nisu pametni koji mogu pročitati tekst,nego ga mogu pročitati oni koji znaju engleski
i can read
without noticing the spelling wrong
Its vrey esy too raed!
yea the point is to understand tht they spelled people wrong duh
i'm smart person...:)
i read it and then realised huh? ohhhh its spelled wrong :)
It took me a while to realize it was spelled wrong...
only smart people can read this. :-P
This is for dumb people to let them think they are smart
i read this it was easy
i am stupid, and i can still read this :|
this is very easy " only smart people can read this" that's it
people recognize this because of the first and last letters.They're jumbled,alright..except for the first and last..
not true, ur mind only processes the last two letters therefore everone can read it.
sorry not the last two letters the 1st and last letters
So am i. i wanted to do that other way but but there was only 2 letter words.
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