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sounds like what i'm going through with certin people......* sigh * :/
Wow ! It's true & ??????? to Define
Eazy C.
so agree with this
agree! even our loved ones, our dear ones, our significant others.. hard to watch them change.. yet, hard to remember how they used to be.
so we need to anew software to reinstall change
Not sure I agree with this at all. Its hard to loose people, but we all change in one way or another and its not hard to remember where we have been or who we used to be. In fact its important that we dont.
This is so true, we don't like change but change is something we have to deal with. :)
easy to watch ppl change to be a better person from bad person, but hard to see good ppl became bad person, sry for my bad english
it is easy to watch people change, it is hard to accept that change
people don't change but how about the life?so?
Is. True. Its hard for me to remmeber what i used to be when i was like 4, 5, 6 and young ges. NOw middle school. And the difference in family changes.
Changes are its bad change or good teaches us various lessons about ourselves...and yes as much as it is hard to watch people is not hard to remember who they use to be if you let yourself only remember the good things and not the bad things. When you like the way you use to be and you changed ... you will remember as it will be an important aspect of wanting to be who you want to be. I know that from experience. And if you allow people to change the way you want to be then they are not worth spending time to change for.
hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii often seen like htis
it's true, the world is always change, sometimes i don't know what's the kind of people that i'll become...
no i dont as it must be referring to someone changing in a bad way or thats how i understood it and if its the case you would always remembe who they use to be.....
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