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#Awesome This is Real....
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what is that thing that blew up in the middle?
Was that a pack of matches?
yeah what is that but the explosion was AWESOME
How could that be possible!
Worst 3ds max fume exercise yet.
i love how the table looks so unmoved.
You know what's incredible? People thinking this is REAL!! It's a fake look at the video on youtube......Geeez people.
I believe the explosion would have caused the sticks to fly off the table...
What a lame special effects. Watch how there is no shadow of the table, while the shadow of the cloud is so intense as if it was bright and sunny day...
Cheese, you guys are so easily fooled it hurts.
You dont need a PH.D to know its a FAKE
even if it is fake, it is still a nice demonstration on how mushroom clouds evolve :)
This is... not real. Sorry to burst your bubble.
If it was real and if it was a mini nuke that camera recording this woulda been taken out by a emp pulse.....fake. cool but fake
When I was a kid, we used to make "spoke shooters". we took a spoke from a broken bicycle, turned the head around and screwed it back onto the spoke making a little cannon barrel. Then we would take the phosphorus off matches and stuff in there and plug it with a small stick. When you held it over a flame, it would explode sounding as loud as a .22 rifle! Our neighbors hated us! Oh yeah, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! you can really get hurt.
Ok, finally saw the explosion. Yeah, you can make the phosphorus from matches explode, but with a visable shock wave and a mini mushroom cloud? Please...get real.
its not real. its clearly fake: the explosion casts a shadow but the table doesnt. also that kind of explosion would have blown at least some of the matches off. but otherwise its pretty cool
Axel k
lol wtf jus happened
Shawn Q
Global population says: "DURR WE BELIEVE IT HURR DURR"
The funny thing is, if you watch carefully, you can see the flash of the real explosion right before the shopped explosion and mushroom cloud.
awesome... how does he do that?
wish could make these videos bigger when trying to share with someone else with me
seeing that the post stated "this is real" does that mean all of their other videos are fake?
it its fake, its explosively cool...
if its real, its the science of BOOM
looks like a nuke
match bomb. High-school days. Then there were the sodium bombs, and so on. Loved Physics class.
Awe......would've been so much easier to believe if the dude didn't add the mushroom cloud. But I guess that was the point :
there is a youtube vid of this
Siva M
Then y does it say its real lol false advertising 
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