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WoW So Cute Smile!
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the first thing i see is the birds making the smile!
Wow and I thought I was observant! Neat indeed!
This pic started my day with a smile

sometimes birds do funny things
makes me dream abt wilderness ...
Proportion to trees, distance makes it suspect. Awesome anyway.
Earth to Humanity: Really, it's not all that bad.
When you stare at it for awhile, they really look like eyes!
@Aki Reinzu: It doesn't matter who wins. We are and have been for the last 25 to 30yrs been the Corporate States of America. Our country is bought and paid for. We are cogs in their machine. Get used to it.
nature shows her smile in her own way.=)
I like this picture, a smile in the sky!
perfect way to end your day... with a smile!!
It is luvlee to end my day with this pic.
What guy says cute, ur so GAY
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