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very ture computers hv ruined our lyf .... :D
So you guys dont clean because your on a computer? pretty much thats what it means !!;P
well take it back it does get dirty when shes gone Lol and im trying on to many outfits and i cant find the right one to wear so i throw everything around the whole room looks like atornado hit Lmao
+Ana Calderon no housekeeper wanna work longer for me.... my room gets clean only when my mom enters to it.... :D its not that she clean it, she get clean my room by me forcibly.... :D
i put my house in dust bin
why should keep the broken computer
always in hand
am i true
shera p
Or the sign of bad internet-connection. Sometimes. :p
+Sameer Masalkar Im from California i run a My Business to be exact .:) and very humble about everything .;)
I thought it was a sign of a well trained wifey :)
Is the sign of someone who doesn't live in a pig sty
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No way. If you have time to lean you have time to clean.
true carl but i think it's saying that most everyone is on the computer or some technology 90% of their time be it at work or at school or at home.
For me: The sign say a lot, but Google+ plus is the only one not linked, so I think and experience. Facebook was a hit a year or two ago, but overnight people have jump to blackberries and they B2B. So the links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin keep all going. The world is out there in the streets, cafe`s pub`s, restaurants .....making up 99% , 1% are at home, while most social media are not allowed at work, that's now if the work depends on it or not.
correct reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats because you have nothing else to do, so better off cleaning the house, lol
yes -but i'ii put it this way---a broken house is a sign of good computer.
hahaha yeah~then we cant lurk down a broken house, he might got cool computer huhu~
jaya parkesh . muhh main kya lundd fass gya hai kya tare
Not exactly! But rather either a house is brand new or a woman is there.
david p
very true lol
nathi tujhe kya ho gya hai gandu
Deepak rana islam ne mana kiya hai glat gufgo se ap agr muslim ho to plz no rong talking any body
Place's clean.Computer is playing music. And I am gay...
So true,when my computer breaks down I make myself busy by cleaning the house.heheeeee
hmm or a good wife ;) or husband
Ain't that the truth!! Also a sign that meals will get eaten at the dining table and not at the desk!!
it's hard to admit ,, but it's true . lol
not true my cleaning lady just left and I'm using my computer fine :D
hahaha......4 us u can say clean offc lolz.....
بابا ايجا كه ايران نيست زبونم بند اومد ولي مخالفم
no its not.
what does this even mean?
how is it true?!
B Saeed
Hahahahaha TRUE!
Anika, it's saying that you only cleaned your house seeing that you couldnt spend all day on the computer due to it being broken. Get it now?
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