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Be nice - or we'll bring you some democracy!
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Run fool..but they have the RPG's.
as a political of the league....!
Those Americans are so mean... I mean who is going to give more aid dollars to countries all over the world or stand up against evil men when other countries do nothing...
Do not worry, do not worry there is a law to say: democracy make up the wreckage of world oil ...
All those countries receiving aid that hate the US... Man we're a bunch of meanie heads!
"nuclear energy is clean and that will solve the problem" +Khin K have you vacationed in Fukushima lately?

Hemp! The best biofuel ever and it grows everywhere, at least on this planet :D
would you mind if you sent me a comic to?
What +skooter Martin said is true.

Keep in mind that even the reply I'm writing here is an oversimplification.

It is a funny cartoon! Made me chuckle.
The reason the cartoon is funny is, that come the day we meet aliens,
If they so desire it, they will take the resources they want, and we will live on reserves.
That is not what is happening today in regards to crude oil and most other commodities. There are some sad things that rest on the doorsteps of the UK and USA, but not paying (stealing) is not usually one of them.
Of course everyone would like to find solutions that provide cheap, easy energy to the whole world.

+William Oppong "Democracy" actually equals "freedom," this includes the freedom to disagree! No democratic country is perfect, but some are so damn much better than many others which are not.

I am a third generation oilman from Alberta, Canada. I am certain that American companies are paying for the oil that the company I work for ships daily to the USA via pipeline. I know this because they have paid my wages for 26 years. This is because they get paid close to market prices for crude oil.
+Bothwell Nzuwa Both the UK and the USA have large reserves of their own crude oil. I think the USA supplies over half of its fuel needs from domestic oil production. The UK produces large quantities of oil from it's North Sea production.
What a shame that people don't check their facts!!!!!!!

The real world is complicated. There are no easy answers.
+John Mitchell stealing is politically incorrect, what they do instead is install pliant puppets in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc and as long they keep supplying the OIL, the puppet regimes have license to oppress their own people, like how Bahrain does. But I do agree that the current US empire is more benevolent than the ones before it like the British Empire and other empires before it.
LOL at Iran teaching the USA a lesson... You have a better chance of winning the lottery. And their nuclear projects aren't for weapons so what would they use to teach us a lesson?
+Sandeep Deshpande The Saudi regime installed itself following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Some of the other gulf states were created earlier or later. I concur with your opinion on the terribleness of how Bahrain is now oppressing it's own citizens. The Saudi's maintain an oppressive soul crushing regime that makes the dark ages of europe seem jolly by comparison.
Iran is one of the few states that in the past had been turned into a puppet by the British for the Americans, and the Shah's excesses led to the regime that still rules Iran today. They sell oil to anybody who will buy it too. Though they are being squeezed by the ongoing embargo.
All of these regimes love the money to be gained by the sale of their oil. This is what floats their boat.
The USA has always bounced back and forth between isolationism and becoming overly involved in the world.
No I'm not in Iran. If I was I would probably be dead for speaking against the regime there... come on, you should know that.
IS IT???????????????????? :-()
USA wants to preoccupy on the Muslims country.
USA was the no.1 position of the weapon supplier last year.
but USA politicians say that we want peace in the world. how it is possible that a country supplies the very dangerous weapons and also says we want peace in world?
Chit OO
the next coming problem
unfortunately this is the fact ......................
This is very funny, we are policeing the earth an the universe for oil, makes no sense. When we don't really need it.
hahah soo true usa only make war for oil
Nuclear energ is far from clean, but it is the cheapest way of getting electricity and power- provided you get the safeguards right and have some of the smartest people in nuclear energy running the reactor.
No_ ha
we in the middle east have it :((
aaha how people project America as Devil. It was real funny reading all your comments. But ever heard of this thing "with great power comes great responsibility".
Since America is in power, we and they themselves cannot undermine their responsibilities.
If you want piece, you have to crush the devil and in this modern world you have to use the so called weapons to crush this devil so who all still think weapons are against humanity.
Accepted that America have some flaws in their Foreign policies but you can't expect them to be Smile Setter for everyone, if one goes happy, one has to cry. Its nature rule, The Fittest is able to survive and the Americans with tens of thousands of weaponry are able to prove themselves more than fittest.
^ don't show me your poker face
Just because you can spell the words, doesn't mean you should use all of them. All that beautiful wordiness is to make a point in which all you are saying is, "I'm full of bullshit."
aah another jerk telling me here to stop writing too much. Does google pays you to spam your rubbish thing cos I won't pay you.
People who won't get it are bullshits so are you and am not sitting here just to see if you are reading it or not. I don't care whether you go out and fuck someone or get yourself fucked up but you don't say a thing here.
In short, I was trying to say ''Go get fucked up yourself''
I guess it takes alot more effort for you to sound complicated. No, google doesn't pay me, nor do I care if you care about my personal life. Your english is terrible.
I understand the point you were trying to make, I just dislike that you believe that everyone else cares. Because, by the looks of it, no one does. Kthankxx.
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