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Studded Flower and Dot Nail Art
Hi Everyone, I hope your well. You may have noticed that I haven't posted in over two weeks (oh no!!). I apologise sincerely for that, there are many reasons- 1. Started reading A Song of Ice and Fire (and finished all the completed books so far!) 2. Went b...

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Decals made from MoYou London Explorer 03 (again!)
The third plate in the MoYou London explorer collection practically screams to be made into decals.... it's pretty much a colouring in book for your nails! If you haven't seen my 'how to make your own nail decals ' tutorial please click the link! Basically ...

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Langerhans Cells Inspired Nail Art: Nail Art Ideas Link Up January Challenge: Health and Wellness
I have always wanted to participate in a nail art challenge but they have always seem so impossible to me with 2-3 different designs per week!! Jacqui at Crafty nail recently let me know about the " Nail Art Ideas Linkup" that she organises each month with ...

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Simple and Easy Tribal Print Pattern Nail Art
As I promised in my last post, I have finally stepped away from my stamping supplies and hand painted my nails! I decided I wanted to paint a pattern on my nails with grey, black and a fluoro polish and found this simple pattern from

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MoYou Pro 14, 12 and Kitty 02 Mix and Match Stamping
Hi Everyone, I hope you have been well. I'm back from holiday which is slightly depressing but I've missed my blog, Fiance and puppy dog (in no particular order)! I can't seem to stop myself from using my MoYou stamping plates....I hope I'm not being too bo...

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Red and White Nail art with MoYou Mother Nature 02
Hi Everyone :) I have so many MoYou London plates now and they are all so I apologise for the constant spamming of stamping manicures! I absolutely love birds, so I wanted to use the Mother Nature 02 plate again, and try out more parts of t...

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Purple Marbled Gradient with MoYou Suki 07 Stamped Swirls
Hi Everyone! I hope your weeks are all off to good starts. Today I have a marbled gradient to share with you that I am quite fond of. I am huge fan of purple polishes and I have wanted to do a purple gradient for some time. I decided to do a marbled gradien...

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Stained Glass Homemade Nail Decals With MoYou London Explorer Collection Plate 03
Hi Everyone :) I'm incredibly happy right now for so many reasons! -I'm on a weekend trip in the Margaret River wine region. -We just found a lovely family to rent our house that I have worked so hard to clean and garden the last few weeks. -My friend and I...

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Christmas Flower Nail art- "Poinsettias"
As I said in my post last night I was working on another Christmas nail design... and here it is! More nail decals.... I really like that I can paint them the night before and then quickly attach them onto my nails in the morning. It makes it feel really qu...

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Christmas 2013 Nail Art Ideas: Simple and Not So Simple!
I must be the only nail art blogger whom has made it to half way through December without posting Christmas nail art. There is a reason for that.... I have been saving up all my Christmas manis for a big Christmas Nail Art extravaganza!  First up I have a s...
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