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Brian Rinehart
Tech, Gadgets, Science, Geekiness, it's all good.
Tech, Gadgets, Science, Geekiness, it's all good.

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Anyone res players around Ferndale interested in taking a n00b under their wing to help me learn efficient leveling?

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AI Sol Blue
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Can't sleep tonight... Enjoying a bowl of Peterson connoisseur's choice in a Savinelli natural.

Afternoon gents. A little Mac Baren Plum Cake in a kaywoodie relief grain. 

Anybody in the group do repairs / restemming? I have an old Savinelli I picked up in a box lot that has a small crack in at the top of the bowl that does go into the chamber. I'd like to have that repaired.

I also have an old Stanwell handmade that the stem is beyond saving. I'd like someone to put a new lucite stem on for me because its such a sweet pipe.

If anyone would be interested in these undertakings, please reply and I'll be glad to chat some more.

Thanks guys!

Carter Hall in a cob this morning.  With a cup of Starbucks French Roast.

A little Fader's Barrister in a GBD 1/2 bent Bulldog this morning Gents...and Ladies.  Gonna be a rough day.

Gonna be a couple minutes late for the hangout...stuck in traffic. 

Anybody ever try or have any experience with Golden Gate pipes from Ukraine? They make some very nice looking pieces and I was thinking about adding a few. Any input appreciated. 

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So..yeah just picked up this little beauty for 14.99...See if anybody out there knows what a steal this was. Forget about the holder, check out that pretty little thing sitting in it.  She needs just a little TLC, but this was definitely a good investment.  I can't wait to fire her up!
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