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Since President Petro O. Poroshenko called off a cease-fire and ordered troops to end the rebellion, an entirely different Ukrainian military appeared at the front.

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No ‘Laws’ for the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism

25 years ago this month I joined the U.S. Socialist Workers Party. A variety of events in world politics confirming the party's perspectives

George Novack's philosophical glossary

George Novack's Polemics in Marxist Philosophy [NY: Pathfinder Press 1978] can be purchased here. It's glossary:

Watergate: a Marxist view

Watergate and the Myth of American Democracy was published by Pathfinder Press in June 1974. Below is a link to the Les Evans article "Water

1981 Steve Clark introduction to "The Changing Face of U.S. Politics"

I did not read The Changing Face of U.S Politics until after I joined the U.S. Socialist Workers Party in summer 1989. The copy I bought was

Kurdish Struggle

....The biggest shift in favor of the Kurdish struggle for national sovereignty came as an unintended consequence of the U.S.-led overthrow

James P Cannon on the 1952 U.S. elections

This is Lecture 1 from Cannon's America's Road to Socialism lecture series, given in Los Angeles in the Winter of 1952-53. It was not printe

The trials of O.J. Simpson: a Marxist view

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the arrest of U.S. athlete, broadcaster, and actor O.J. Simpson for murder. Three contemporary article

Notes on unrepentant social democracy and economism today

A few notes on: Goodbye Lenin by LOUIS PROYECT * Back to social democracy and economism? * Without the Leninist strategy of party building,

Hector Hugh Munro (Saki): The Open Window

“My aunt will be down presently, Mr. Nuttel,” said a very self-possessed young lady of fifteen; “in the meantime you must try and put up wit

The Battle of Boston: Busing and the Struggle for School Desegregation b...

Capitalism today

Production, jobs stagnate as capitalists sit on cash BY BRIAN WILLIAMS Every day the big-business papers bring us commentary pointing to one

The Militant - November 4, 2013 -- SWP candidates discuss need for fight...

Vol. 77/No. 39 November 4, 2013. SWP candidates discuss need for fighting course to confront crisis (front page) BY JANICE LYNN ATLANTA — “I

The Militant - Vol. 77/No. 38 - October 28, 2013 -- front page

A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people.

The Militant - October 28, 2013 -- ‘Militant’ wins victory against priso...

Vol. 77/No. 38 October 28, 2013. 'Militant' wins victory against prison censorship (lead article) BY JOHN STUDER “We have won an important v

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (1971): Candy Apples and Razor Blades...

There are few other people who can write with authority about Halloween, its origins, and its hold on our imaginations than the iconic and l

The Militant - July 15, 2013 -- Successful drive expands readership in w...

Vol. 77/No. 27 July 15, 2013. Successful drive expands readership in working class (front page) BY LOUIS MARTIN Supporters of the Militant i

Marxism and "Subaltern Studies" | Solidarity

SEVERAL YEARS AGO in a seminar on social theory packed with left-wing graduate students from around NYU, I had the misfortune of being assig

Communist Ideas Abound at Unitarian Assembly - Challenge Newspaper - The...

LOUISVILLE, KY, June 20 — The Progressive Labor Party brought ideas of revolutionary cha...

LeVar Burton explains his ritual to prevent being shot by police | The R...

He's not exactly known for bad behavior, but even the former host of the children's show Reading Rainbow fears he will be mistreated by poli

Revolution, Internationalism, and Socialism (New International no. 14) (...

Malcolm X had long been an uncompromising opponent of imperialist oppression, exploitation, and degradation. During the last year of his ...