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News, insights and information that helps government operate better
News, insights and information that helps government operate better

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On GovLoop Insights' DorobekINSIDER LIVE, we had a great conversation about BYOD -- bring your own device. We spoke to some of the thought leaders -- people actually doing it. We discussed why government is considering BYOD in the first place... the policy and security challenges...
DorobekINSIDER producer Emily Jarvis has our recap:  

We also asked about BYOD lessons learned

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: Government conferences -- what works... and what doesn't... and what puts people in the seats
Insights from Market Connections' Lisa Dezzutti

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: The latest DC fight - this time over national security nominations; and the 7-stories that matter to government... including DOD's plans for sequestration 
And in the DorobekINSIDER water cooler fodder: the first State of the Union message; and 2012 White House photos of the year

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: Agencies are having to do more with less in the age of austerity. What does that mean for procurement? Department of Homeland Security's chief procurement officer Nick Nayak with insights on how to survive... and thrive #govcon #procurement 

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: : Your #DebateGov  preview... and the return of the great government pay debate 
And join us on Twitter for the presidential debate as we focus on the issues that impact government - use hashtag #DebateGov  

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: Web lessons learned from West Hollywood, California Web site... and weekend reads including how to be innovative in the age of austerity 

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During the debate, join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #DebateGov  
Watching the debate tonight? Care about government issues? Join the conversation during the debate on Twitter - we are using #DebateGov #debate  

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: What question would YOU ask at the presidential debate?
Also... does e-mail matter? DHS Secretary Napolitano says she doesn't use e-mail -- security reasons. Can one be a leader without using e-mail?
Also... the 7-stories for government including... VA CHCO resigns in the wake of a IG report on conference spending; and could agencies still be liable for sequestration spending?

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: The 7 government stories you need to know: Includes the challenges with agile development; +Clay Shirky's +TED Talk: How the Internet will (one day) transform government
Also... Is USPS headed toward another default; White House cyber-security order; and the telework calculator 

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On +GovLoop Insights' +DorobekINSIDER: Everything you wanted - and needed - to know about sequestration but afraid to ask... Well, we asked... 
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