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Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real

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      Dr. Farid Fata    Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients A Personal Story of Family Loss This is very a personal story for me particularly so close D...

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Two Wrongs No Rights
Congressman John Lewis The Legitimate President Case Lacking Two Wrongs Don't Make One Right History Repeats Itself  The nation and world was a buzz in 2008 when America elected Barack Obama as its first African-American president to joy of many, but not al...

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Bathroom Bill Integrity
Lessons In Integrity From North Carolina 'Bathroom Bills' Planned In Eight States 2017 North Carolina In March 2016, Patrick McCrory North
Carolina's governor signed into law House Bill 2 (HB2)  blocking
cities from allowing transgender individuals to use...

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The Real Story of Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield)
 Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) This is regarding Dana Rivers (a/k/a David
Warfield), a former teacher at Center High School in Antelope, CA, who arrested
on 11/19/16 in Oakland, CA on suspicion of killing three people. The following provides factual in...

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  Dr. Farid Fata   Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients A Personal Story of Family Loss  In the wake of Dr. Farid Fata the Michigan cancer doctor that recently pleaded guilty to fraud for giving unnecessary cancer treatments to patients, the followi...

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  Dr Farid Fata   Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients A Personal Story of Family Loss  In the wake of Dr. Farid Fata the Michigan cancer doctor that recently pleaded guilty to fraud for giving unnecessary cancer treatments to patients, the followin...

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While this story is very sad, unfortunately events of this nature happen more often then not when money greedy medical doctors place profits over the lives of their patients and violate the first oath of medicine... Do No Harm. 

Such was the case with my wife and best friend Della Mina Hodges who died at the young age of 49. A loving and sweet wife, mother, grandmother, sister, minister, and friend to many unfortunately was victim of Texas cancer medical doctors that lead to the death of my dear wife on October 13, 2014.

While under the medical care of Dr. Jay Courtright a Dallas,Texas based Oncologist with Texas Oncology, my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014.  This was just weeks after being informed by medical professionals that she was cancer free after undergoing high questionable potentially unnecessary cancer treatments over a year period that apparently killed her.

The first two treatment administered by Dr. Courthright landed my wife in the Medical City Dallas Hospital ER and hospital twice. This was subsequently followed the admission by Dr. Courthright that  he "almost killed" my wife resulting from his medical care.  

Well what was not successful accomplished the first time was done so later when my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014, resulting from the effects cancer treatments.

Before her death, I pleaded, argued and several had very difficult discussions with Dr. Courthright regarding the unnecessary cancer treatments of my wife, the side effects of such treatments and what appeared to his motive to treat my wife because of the great insurance coverage we maintained.

All this to no avail as fear or the unknown and medical profession collusion was at hand involving the potential presence of cancer that was never really without question confirm present in my wife's body in the usual to place profits over people.  

A complaint was filed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) which after a six-month investigation returned a finding of "insufficient evidence" to bring a charge of medical misconduct. No much of a surprise here with the TMB and what had become expected 
here in Texas which is against most tort legal actions for misbehaving doctors.

So I do directly understand the pain, heartbreak, loss of family and anger that comes from cancer doctors who take advantage of their patients when placing profits and greed over the lives of their patients resulting devastating consequences to family members and friends left behind.

I don't forgive Dr. Courthright or the other medical professional in their merry circle of the cancer treatment machine that robs families of their love ones in state like  a Texas.  A state that places the ability of medical doctors to profit over the well-being and welfare of their residents subject to medical care in the Texas/

To elected officials beholden to large insurance companies, special interest groups and others that desire to limit the money damages and the consequences of misbehaving badly costing the lives of others.  

A Texas state legislature had done more to gut any one family's recovery beyond $250K for the loss of human life due to medical personnel's greed and placing profits over people.  Not fully realizing that its their families are risk too when Texas medical professionals run wild chasing profits over solid medical care for patients.

I know that Dr. Fata in the Michigan case, the medical doctor(s) that treated my wife Della Mina Hodges and others in similar circumstances to those that have suffered the such reckless and loss of loved ones 

That these actors will have in return for their greed an eternity of evil and torment for lives loss in their patients and the disappointment of their families in the violation of trust in the medical professional sworn to... do not harm.

For this there is no forgiveness only consequence of eternal damnation for their greed in placing profit over patients!

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

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