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Americans are expected to spend $1.46 billion on lottery tickets. But, what if we, as a society, were to give that money to people in need?

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You are so correct Chris!!! Compliments to you partner for that statement!
then it would be the equivalent of lighting it on fire....
Of course I had to Google the topic of how much is given, in the United States, to charity annually. The first couple of figures I found were as follows:

2010 ~ $290 billion
2009 ~ $304 billion
2006 ~ $295 billion

We do give. Does the money get to where it's needed is the real issue.

I purchased 5 tickets by the way. Some of that money will definitely make it to people in need, if I were to win.
Um.. Im too young to buy a Lottery ticket. Im also too young to care about it. XD
i couldnt do it even if my life counted on it.
haha yeah i was in spain :D pretty epic pic(; but id suck a surfing :P
Now i know where you to are hanging out at i just want to thank you both.........
Actually, half the money we give to lottery is supposed to go to the education system, which really needs the money.
so is that every month .that the money start a bussnes and hire poeple
I only play the lotto from time to time to help make someone else's dream come true. I never expect to win anything.
Don't feed the wild animals. They attack when you stop.
that is a great idea..
Wow, what insight! Let's get published in the newspapers!
yeah instead of joe public givin money get all actors n musicians to giv 10% per cent of there earnings
Then the world would be a much better place ! Good point !!! More people need to this this way +Chris Harris 
I am startig to do so in South Africa. That is why I wrote, The Secret to God's Light and Secrets Of the Unknown God.
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Not you Chris! It was that other person that put up another comment.
Hi Chris. We should not care about things of this nature, I am focused on souls. Let us see how many souls we manage to save in our short lifetime. People are so confused. I am the author of “The Secret to God’s Light and Secrets of the Unknown God” I need strong people like yourself to Help me. God Bless you.,  
Certamente , isso ajudaria muitas pessoas , que passam fome e frio ...

All due respect...1.46 billion to people in need...we have in place a system that already serves that function in our society. Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 times of crisis I have seen communities join together through the local fire and police departments and the ranks of hundreds of not for profit organizations fund people in need. How about the US corporations that serve our society by offering billions of dollars to charities ie: Gate's Foundation,   United Way, Habitat for Humanity to name just a few.

Thousands of dollars across the US in every city every day given to pan handlers who choose not to work. 

1.46 billion dollars...a percentage as we are told is used to fund our school want to take that away from already struggling districts that have low to no funding for our children's education?

I think spending a few dollars a week is a perk everyone who has a dream to win the lottery is well earned, considering how the middle class people of America are already suffering on a daily basis.
Yes, but unfortunately, government social service programs are severely curtailed by the sheer number of people finding themselves in need due to the current economic climate. First of all, Section 8 is all but eliminated in many communities and many landlords will not or no longer take Section 8.  Second of all, social services agencies use family size and income (at 1960's levels) to severely restrict who is eligible for aid.  What family of 4 do you know makes less than $15,000 a year? (except maybe those who've never worked and immigrants who make the lowest incomes). 

I pray that you never find yourself at age 50 who suddenly loses her job after working for 30 years, with no children in the household. You will be in for a rude awakening. Take me, for example.  A few years ago, my unemployment benefits decreased from $405 to $106 a week because I took a seasonal 4-month part-time job with a tax income preparation firm.  With rent at $1,000 I seriously needed help. The best my social services agency could do for me was a $40 a month stipend and $178 in food stamps. I certainly can't use the foodstamps if I don't have a stove to cook food on. I was so pissed because state and federal taxes that I paid for 30 years failed to help ME when I was severely in need.  It was griends and family that helped me the first month and I then started my businesses. So I no longer need the help due to ingenuity.

However, 4 in 10 eligible workers are out of work and they haven't been as fortunate. Private sector agencies can only help but so much.  The local food bank in my area doesn't accept walk ins.  You have to call, leave a message, upon which they call back, set up an appointment FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK!! You are then given a week's worth of food appropriate to the number of people in your household. And you can only receive food aid once a month.

And forget about health care!  So many lost health insurance after losing jobs; Cobra is way to expensive, and private insurance is not that cheap. Until recently, I haven't seen a doctor in 2 years --  Did I mention that I'm diabetic with high blood pressure?  I shared my son's insulin for 2 years because he has insurance through his job. If it wasn't for the low cost clinic that recently opened in the area, I probably would be in dire straits by now. So can you hazard a guess as to how many people have died from not having regular medical care?

Looming budget cuts will see the closure or further curtailment of state run and private social programs (since many depend on government dollars in addition to private donations) -- which means more hungry, homeless and sick people everywhere.  The solution will not be government run programs -- including Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare. This brings me to another pet peeve.  How dare politicians call Social Security and Medicare ENTITLEMENT programs.  Excuse me, but I paid into these programs every week for 30 years before my layoff.  These are EARNED programs, thank you very much! You may not realize this, politicians don't pay into Social Security but into privately held accounts managed by private sector firms -- our tax dollars pay for that and their big fat salaries. 

I hope you have enough saved for your retirement (or possible layoff!!) because you're going to need it. Due to inflation, by the time you retire in 20 years, you will need at least ten times (10x) the salary you make today to survive your golden years. Good Luck with That!!
@Sharron Moore

Section 8 is not going away anytime soon. It has a proposed $220 million increase over 2012. 75% of the funds are targeted at households living at or below 30% of the area median income (AMI).

What you just articulated in your rant is exactly what being an American is about. We do not live under Communist or Socialist rule. We are Americans living in the land of the FREE. That means everyone is afforded the basic opportunities under our free enterprise system.

Financial planning is exactly what it implies. Over the course of 30 years...if you had saved $50.00 per week you would have $78,000 dollars cash. Now put that in a fund with interest...mmmmm

Americans spend 30% more than they make. Americans consume more than they need. Americans waste more than they deserve. You finally made the choice to start your own business and it brought you a new opportunity. Now build that business and hire 1 out of the 4 that are not working. The average micro business can achieve $100,000 in business in a very short time. I did it in 6 months in one of my trades nearly 20 years ago. If you need help with your business call me. That is exactly what I do. I will be 49 in a few days, life has been a roller coaster and I do not have any complaints.

If I had a choice to live anywhere in the world, it would be right here in the USA. God I hope I win that lottery!

I was ranting, wasn't I (LOL), but I had something to say so I said it. Thank God that we do live in the land of the free and can express our opinions and agree to agree or disagree.  I'm 55 and my life has also been a roller coaster -- I struggled in my earlier years and was doing great until my 6th layoff  (yes SIX) in 15 years (the last time I worked was August 2008),

Well AMI explains why Bergen County Social Services is not able to give but so much.  Bergen County's average income is the highest in NJ -- the Englewood Cliff's Chamber of Commerce's sign reads --
"Welcome to the Billion Dollar Mile!!" So I would have to move to another less affluent County in order to receive TEMPORARY decent aid. Not, Englewood, down the hill from EC., is where I lived for the past 35 years.  It's my home and I'm staying!!

I'm glad to see that Section 8 Housing is still alive and kicking.  It is to me one of the best programs that the US Government provides for its citizens. I know because I received S8H from 1980 to 1985.  I was a single mom with a young son and I didn't make enough to pay the prevailing rents in my area -- so I lived with my parents.  One day I received a call from Enzo, a landlord who looked over my application at the local housing authority and saw that I was responsible; I had a checking and savings account -- and a decent enough job with Columbia Univ. So I moved in the following month, and rent was $250 (I netted $300 every two weeks); much better than the $500+ I would have had to pay without the program.

Over the next few years my take honme pay doubled then tripled (those were the days when bonuses and annual $2,000 raises existed) and I could afford the $585 rent. I eventually moved into an affordable housing complex (a duplex apartment) in the town that included utilities [I was on the waiting list for 9 years!!]. It's run by a non profit agency who receives Section 8 stipends for many of its tenants.  I lived here for 27 years and was always able to afford the market rent without needing assistance. In 27 years, rent grew from $550 to $1,025.  The rent is still way less expensive than the prevailing rents in the town -- $1500 - 1800+ for a two bedroom non-balcony one level.

For the past several years, there was a Section 8 Housing freeze; new applications were not being accepted -- my sister, a mother of two girls, couldn't get one.  She lived at home until she was 41 when my mother sold her house. Finally, this past May, the Housing Authority posted notices that they were accepting applications.  There were so many applicants the first few days, that the street leading up to the office had to be closed by the police for hours. But for some reason that I can't figure out, the housing development I live in is no longer accepting S8. It's ironic because these apartments were created to help low income families live in a safe, clean environment.
I was 10 times worse, Read The Secret to God's Light and Secrets of the Unknown God, and see how it will change Sharon. God bless you.
@Sharon Moore,

I kinda knew you would not be offended by me referring to your post as a "rant".....hehe..mans intuition maybe?> ohh wait we lack that gene..omg did I say that...

If you read that report I think you wind the answer, in short AMI + actual rent being collected by complex owners..balance paid by the program...tenant contribution, the math does not add up to qualify.

So..tell me about this business you started?...MLM...Crafts ..Affiliate Marketing...Daycare>?...

All due respect to Chris...hey if you want us to move this to a different thread...just hollar....yeaqh I said thread...I' an old school bbs/forum guy...

Regarding Chris' comment about the lottery: trust me, people IN Need are playing. However, people need to recognize that the odds of winning are too great to rely on.  I know people who play $50 each day in scratch offs and lotto. They never win back what they spend.

I used to have the bug but realized that God didn't want me to win.  True story: I dreamed these numbers and played the NJ lottery; however they came out in New York's lottery -- and I worked in NY and could have played.  Another time, I forgot to bring my Pick 10 lottery card to the store located in my (old) job's lobby and meant to play later. I got caught up in a project and missed the deadline.  9 out of 20 numbers were called -- I missed out on $6,000. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't win --  I just would have started playing all the time, eventually losing more than my winnings. There's a lesson in everything that happens to us.
Oh BTW, lottery proceeds are supposed to go to the educational system, but the money is being diverted to pay for other state deficits. That's why teachers and administrative staff are being laid off, and much needed after school programs are shutting down,
It is mostly the people who need the money who are buying the tickets. 
Chris, Good to have you back in Da Chi! Let's get your DB's right and get back to the Super Bowl!!!!
I agree so much with that!! There are alot of people that need help! I am one of them! So, for sure!!!
Most who buy lotto usually are in need.
Hi ........ recognize possible
Well said!!! I know people right now--who can use the help! Yeesss!!!
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