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Chris Harris hung out with 10 people.Gregg Randle, Vincent Knight, anthony feliciano, George Rodenbaugh, Ben Schmidt, Latrice Cooper, Paula Michaud, Robert Anderson, Mohamed Mansour, and Iwan Timmermans
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Chris Harris was in a video call with 10 others
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Hi Chris!!! Good to see you. I'll be kind of in and out of the party today, but this is seriously cool! :) Thanks!!!
It would be better if the lions were playing in the super bowl. it would be really intense. :)
In the tech/math community and I know nothing about football. Doing this on G+ for you fans is a great thing to do, just needed to say that. Cheers...
a chicago bear super world's best super sports master of all football
havent watched much nfl this year so you guys might have to fill me inor i'll just listen to you guys talk
How many of you are watching in?

If you want to get in on cam, hang tight, I'll be cycling folks in throughout the games.
with NE playing so aggressively why havent there been any playaction passes
see my previous post..... bout time
Nothing like Hanging out with the "Hitman" and getting some keen insights into the game.
I just follow the score on my cell phone.
Chris, what is your best score in bowling? Who are some of your favorite music artists?
Hey Chris who do you feel is the best kicker in the NFL right now? Who is as good as Gould? ;)
lol im sure they have everything over there. i live in a small town with one stop light and there's nothing here lol. oh wait but we do have that bbq sauce!!
Let's go Ravens, this game needs to step it up a notch. 
people need to recognize flacco's throws
Mark M.
Damn, if only I had my Camera attachment... My neighbors labtop has a camera though. Peeps should get back on later lol.

Any predictions?
The way the two QB's are throwing CURRENTLY, it's going to come down to my favorite side of the game, defense. And we know about those Ravens. Props to my man RayLewis.

As for the Late game, I hate both teams, tbh, but lets go 49ers, simply because of David Akers.
my little brother plays semi pro football. i think that he should play pro. he is an excellent player.
Thanks Chris, that link worked. I can watch & listen now. Just don't have a webcam.
no plugs without compensation except google though lol
that girl is the most annoying person in the world
Chris, can show show us the around the room you are sitting in when you get a chance?
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