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Watching a 4 and 5 year old eat Krispy Kreme donuts is pure comedy.
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If you enjoy pastry related humor , sneak a dozen into a weight watchers meeting and watch em go.
You bet it is....How about a 3 year old watching popcorn pop in the microwave only to flee the kitchen in fear of an explosive reaction!
Donuts in general are hilarious with kids.
how about a toddler watching toast pop out of the toaster
how funny can it be funny funny or just funny
yummmmmmmmmmmmm.............................................. save me one
I agree.  But, there's nothing more beautiful than children at play.  Plus some of their conversations with each other are comical as well. It's truly amazing how children seem more advanced than we were as kids.
You couldn't had said it any better. I would know because i'm in middle school and have some friends:)
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