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MAN, I wish I could go back in time to last night. I DJ'ed a birthday party and -- straight-up -- BLEW MINDS.

If you need a DJ for your birthday party, pool party, BBQ, etc....HOLLA @ YA BOI.
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I plan events professionally +Chris Harris , i got tons of gigs for you whenever you want :-)
Nice pic on that laptop too lol
Those are the Days We draw our emotional depth from and look toward to reinventing again, with even more Babes, lol. It's almost like having honed our craft, all that lacks is fortuitous Astrology, like building a raft and waiting for the tide to come in. I Call it "I got two boots and six strings - and I'm looking for a woman with a laptop and a drum machine"
would like information on prices
I need a defensive back for my flag football team..... You in?
Hhow much do you charge I need you for my bday july 4 .get @me .
yup, he's seriously gonna DJ your bbq outside america, as an NFL safety!

for about $50k lol
William Shatner's birthday is this week. How cool would that be to DJ!
Coming to San Diego? I can throw a pool party and bbq.
hey whats up,where do you stay in dallas
Wait u made it to Dallas?!?! Lucky we were supposed to fly a plain there but there wAs bad whether so we got delayed like 6 hours or something 
dose it matter where 
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