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Peyton Manning's release puts things in perspective...

If Peyton can get released, ANYONE CAN GET RELEASED!!!!!
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It happened to Joe Montana, so I'm not surprised at all. If they kept Manning and drafted Luck they would of had over $50 million dollars tied up in the QB position. That would be just dumb when they have other positions to fill.
Agreed +Chris Harris . But it's a business. And like any good business, you look at P&L and the bottom line and future risk.

The risk was simply to high to pay $28M, not knowing if a) he'll ever set foot on the field again and b) if he would be the same PM if he did.

It's hard to part ways with the face of your franchise, a guy who has done so much for your organization and city, but you can not risk the future of the team.
Colts had to release Peyton Manning so that they could afford to buy the new iPad. HEYYOHHH!
Folks are talking about the usual suspects +George Rodenbaugh , Dolphins, Jets, Cardinals, Redskins.

Redskins are out b/c I just don't think that Shanahan and Peyton could get along and the Dolphins would need to revamp everything. The Cards just dropped all that money on Kolb not so long ago, so I don't see him there.

An interesting choice could be someone that no one is talking about and that's Houston. I could also see him in Tennessee.
Peyton always seemed like a class act +George Rodenbaugh , I'm sure he will be missed for the things he did off the field too.
Peyton is not out of the game he just gettin ready for this up comin season to chase another NFL SUPERBOWL with any team he is with regardless of what he knows the best place for his self an his family 
I hope he goes to the 49ers.
Sad to hear...not much faith in the organization anymore! I wanted to see him finish his career with the Colts...hopefully another two years...and Luck to work underneath him. Would have been great!
and DON'T you forget it. It's a's not personal....
chris get this out there we need to make a difference it is called kony 2012 watch it
KONY 2012
Hopefully, he will sign with Miami!!!!!!
what about Seattle? they have a very strong team overall, the only piece they are missing is a good QB.
Well idk about u guys but I actually watch sportscenter to know he signed wit da broncos, and see ya tebow
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