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Steven van der Peijl
ProgramPreneur - Working on Rank. Rent. Recurring Revenue!
ProgramPreneur - Working on Rank. Rent. Recurring Revenue!

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Running a business? You need to start outsourcing..
Check these great tips on outsourcing.

Hey guys,

Question: does anybody here do Rank & Rent model?

Where you pick a niche create a site and rank it. Then once it ranks go out and do outreach and find a client to rent the site.

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Hey there,

For our new start-up I'd love to hear some more feedback.

It is a software that allows 3rd parties to create variations of any web page based on a specific profile created by the page owner.

Every variation will get their unique short URL that will forward to the original URL and the changes will also be shown on the original URL to only the visitors coming from that specific skin short URL.

The goal is to allow 3rd parties (e.g. affiliates) to fine-tune and customize any sales and landings pages to perfectly match their traffic and even go so far as endorse the product on the sales page. If allowed by the site owner 3rd parties can add / changes headlines, bullet lists, videos, images and even add power tools like top notification bar, countdown timers, pop-up modals, exit intent catcher and more.

The current launch page:

Love to hear your feedback!

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Let's meet in Orlando 27 Aug - 2 Sept at the Marketing Mayhem Live event!

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My biggest SaaS development lesson over the last year.
During last year developing not 2 but 3 SaaS Projects I made a TON of mistakes, wasted a lot of money and learned a lot of hard-learned lessons..

Have a read here on what my biggest lesson was and a free tool to use to communication 100% more efficient with your designers: 
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