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We are very proud of our dental assistant Natalia who has just completed her Radiation Safety course and is now licensed to take dental x-rays in our office.  Boulevard Family Dentistry always encourages our staff members to further their careers in the dental field. - See more at:

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Uplifting Moments
had a very uplifting moment last Saturday while working at the office.   It reminded me of my initial blog, so I
thought I would put down my thoughts in this blog.   In late 1989 I saw a new patient family in our
office and their young son, we will call h...

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Tooth Replacement Options
One of the biggest dilemmas facing many of our patients is what to do about my missing teeth.  As a dentist, the answer is not always consistent or obvious.   Get your answer today from Boulevard Family Dentistry. 

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The Cost of Votes
I am sure most of  you reside, like I do, in the 7 th congressional district of California and I am sure, like myself, you grew
very tired of all the Ami Bera/Doug Ose ads that were on television. 
Just in case you were wondering, $22 million dollars were...

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Diabetes Part II
This is the second blog during Diabetes Awareness Month.  And as I promised, I am going to
relate my own personal story.  My father passed away in his 80's from
complications with insulin controlled diabetes and my mother had
diabetes when she passed sev...

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Diabetes Awareness Month
National Diabetes Awareness month.  I bet you thought this was the
holiday season, but in the medical world illness and disease know no
seasons.  Therefore, November is Diabetes awareness month.  You may be
wondering why a dentist would be bloggin...

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