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I have a sheet shared with me that I helped the owner set up autocrat on. They created the job, but somehow I have become the owner of the form submit trigger. This was not the case originally. When I disable the triggers and let the sheet owner try to enable them so he is the owner, he gets a message saying that to many form triggers have occurred for his user account. Any ideas on how to get these triggers back to his account?

I'm interested in what others have discovered with using touch screen Chromebooks for elementary (K-4) students. Did they seem to be a good choice? Was having the touch screen worth it? Were the apps you felt you needed available?

Does anyone have any experience with Pear Deck and Nearpod? I'm curious to what people have found to be the strong points of each and how they compare. Any big features one has over the other?

I have a teacher looking for resource similar to Grammarly but will work for Google Docs. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone having trouble with tags? We are using tags to complete a file name and they are not importing the cell data, just remaining the tag, <<staff>> for example.

We have a job that places the date/time stamp in the title of the doc it creates. For a couple, the title is showing SUM instead of the date/time. Any ideas what may cause that to happen?

As we continue to move into the digital world, the topic of facilitating a classroom with in a teacher's absence has been a challenge. Has anyone found a solution to providing substitute teachers access to what they need? We can create Google accounts for them, but they would still need digital content shared, or access to the teachers Classroom. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that have been found to be helpful for substitute teachers?

I have a form that has a question using the time question type. When I merge the responses into a PDF all the times change to a date format of 12/30/1899. I found that if I change the format to plain text and run the merges it comes over correctly. But we have it set on a form submission trigger and that reverts the format back for the new form submissions.

Does anyone have a good work around for this? I could turn the trigger off and we could run the jobs manually when we need to, but wondered if there would be a way to keep them coming automatically. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Even more changes to Google Classroom!
Head back to school with new features in Google Classroom

As you’re gearing up for a new school year, #GoogleClassroom has some new additions that we hope will help you engage your students, save even more time, and keep everyone organized.

Learn more here:

You’ll now be able to:
   - Engage your class with question-driven discussions
   - Reuse posts from previous classes
   - Bump a post to the top of your class stream 
   - Create assignments without due dates 

Coming soon:
   - See all your assignments on Google Calendar 
   - Easily attach a Google Form to an assignment
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Nice tip.  And for the record I'm currently at 32 tabs!
Because sometimes, you just need 30 tabs open at the same time. #ChromeEdu
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