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Beautiful Still Life Paintings
by: Zbigniew Kopania Henry at:

Zbigniew’s paintings, characterized by a very high realism and some of them deserve to be called hyper-realistic.
The artist often uses thick paint and numerous impasto glazing, which contributes to the final effect for produced works.

#Art #TraditionalArt #StillLife #ZbigniewKopania
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Winter Wonderland by Jae Youn Ryu: #travel
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Flower's tears - the image from a workshop (
Broncolor strobes set to a short flash duration, glycerin and some magic:-)
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Have her in circles
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Moor  Moon  Fog . . .
by  Kilian  Schonberger
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Snowflake-a-Day #39
I love the center on this snowflake, and it’s one you should absolutely take a closer look at. View large! You’ll see some features rarely seen in a snowflake if you do. :)
Like many snowflakes, this one began in slightly warmer temperatures. I hadn’t thought much about why, but one factor seems to make sense: lake-effect snow. Here in Barrie, ON we get a lot of snow that starts as lake-effect snow off of Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron. We’re not that close to the body of water however, maybe a 45-minute drive away. Many times this weather system begins in Georgian Bay and floats directly over Barrie… and it might be the reason for seeing so many capped-column snowflakes grow into fully branched crystals.
As the air mass cooled, it would shift the growth from column-type crystals to plate-type crystals. Because of the wind blowing in a certain direction, one side of the snowflake might get take the brunt of the force, allowing for that side to collect more water vapour if the aerodynamics cooperate. This allows one plate to grow larger than the other, producing branches, side-branches etc. while the other side forms tiny gem-like features. It’s interesting that the center has two gem-like features, probably caused by some early branching of the top plate before the bottom plate took all the available water vapour.
That top branch was still allowed to grow out a little, as there was still some (albeit very little) water vapour hitting the front surface. This supply of water vapour might have also allowed for ridges along the main branches to plateau, and create “wings” off their edges. In these wings eventually connected with one another, you’d have a “skeletal form” snowflake, where ridges expanded to create a new plate. This is half-way formed across the center of the snowflake.
The depth and radial details in the center of the crystal can easily draw your eyes in. This complex arrangement of water molecules based on simple rules of physics always offers an unending level of beauty. This image was combined from roughly 40 separate slices of focus for us to admire. Another day’s work has gone into the editing process to showcase this design, but it’s always worth it.
To see what all of this work has amounted to, at least 2500 hours of it, check out “The Snowflake” poster print: - it brings the beauty of these images to a level that has never been seen before.
If you love photography and want to try and make images like this? The best possible tutorial is contained in the pages of Sky Crystals: - everything you need to know to capture these beautiful sky sculptures on your own, but pages dedicated to understanding exactly how they form, and why we find them beautiful.
Many more to come! Let it snow!
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This is what Dubai looks like from a chopper at night… We took the doors off and I was hanging out the side with my feet on the skids. It was super-awesome and I’ll never forget it! I took this with the new lens I just bought in Germany — a Leica 21mm f/1.4. Thanks again Tom and Dubai Films! :) 
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