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Hi, I would like to write a plugin for Android Studio and I need to get a hold of connected devices. I have the source of Android plugins and I can see they use ddmlib. Is there any guidance how write Android Studio plugins or how to get a hold of this dependency? +Tor Norbye  or +Xavier Ducrohet do you have any tutorials I could use for Android Intellij plugin development?


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Checkout our new updated version of ECB App. Podcasts can be played in the app :-)

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I think I found a bug in AS, when you edit settings.gradle to re-point the libraries like in example at than AS generates this error 

Failed to import Gradle project: Could not fetch model of type 'IdeaProject' using Gradle distribution ''.
A problem occurred configuring project ':sample-android-app'.
A problem occurred configuring project ':sample-android-app'.
Failed to notify project evaluation listener.
Configuration with name 'default' not found.

My settings.gradle looks like: 

include ':sample-android-app', 'utils', 'imageDownloader', 'parsers'

project(':utils').projectDir = new File('libraries/android-libs/utils')
project(':imageDownloader').projectDir = new File('libraries/android-libs/imageDownloader')
project(':parsers').projectDir = new File('libraries/android-libs/parsers')

and sample-android-app build.gradle is:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath ''

apply plugin: 'android'
dependencies {
    compile ''
    compile project (':utils')
    compile project (':parsers')
    compile project (':imageDownloader')

    compile files('libs/FlurryAgent.jar')
    compile files('libs/urbanairship-lib-1.0.5.jar')

    compileSdkVersion 17
    buildToolsVersion "17.0.0"

    defaultConfig {
        minSdkVersion 7
        targetSdkVersion 17

The only way arround that problem is to move libraries into sample-android-app than settings.gradle will not contain new fake location to files.

+Xavier Ducrohet do you think it is a bug? You recommended this solution on stackoverflow.


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I created stackoverflow question about #androidstudio  failing to build a project which builds fine with command line  #gradle  

I appreciate any help.

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Hi guys, 

I have managed to build my project using command line ( #gradle  build) but I cannot import project into #androidstudio    I get this error.

Before you ask:
* I do not use any proxies
* I have exactly same error when using gradlew

Thanks for help

Dear Gradle 

Yesterday I finished fighting with Gradle setup for one of the projects (took me 4 days) however I still cannot build it with Android Studio.

Today I tried to migrate another project into Gradle and I cannot build it with Gradle and Android Studio.

What is wrong with Gradle and Android Studio. Aren't there any decent tutorials for complex project structure.

The problem I encounter is compile error, Gradle cannot find Java Class in one of the .aar libraries (which it generated), ridiculous! I navigated to the path and the class is there. 

To make it even more funny I generates 2 other aar and they are fine. I am extremely confused. Building the library by its own if OK so what is the problem???????

I think my patience is up, I am already considering switching back to eclipse

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Is anyone else struggling with #Gradle setup? I have been trying to get my project running with Gradle for past 3 days but with no luck. I'll appreciate any support to help me resolve my issue. My stack overflow problem is

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Does anyone know answer to this question? I have exactly same problem.

Its about Gradle Multi-project setup but slightly more complex than the one from Android Gradle User Guide.

The User Guide does not cover whole project being a library, I think the problem is in what to write in libraries/projectBroot/build.gradle 

Please check this question out.


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Hi Guys

Does anyone know how to use Gradle in Android Studio, I watched Google I/O "What's new in Android Development Tools" and Xavier mentioned that he will have session about it, but I could not find any video. 



Just watched What's new in Android Developer tools and must say I am disappointed. It looks like they whole spend time writing Android Studio (which is great) but they completely forgotten about new features. Most of the features they presented are from last year. What about improving the method profiler (MAT), layout viewer (still ca t get views feom device unless 3rd party library used), opengl viewer (broken on jelly bean 4,2), and UI viewer. Curently there are lots of ways you can check and measure the performance of your app but they usually require a lot of effort. They need to be unified and most importantly made easier to use. 
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