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David Bailey

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What good will it do ?
The people that live there are slobs to begin with.
It will just get dirty again.
I used to live on Broad Street.
I used my spare time to clean around my rooming house.
Nobody on the block did the same.
It was a slum infested by no-goods.
Both White Trash & Black Trash.
These kind of people just don't care.

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Most of the rednecks here are brain dead anyways so what does it matter ?

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Would these "high crime" areas be located near Krispy Kreme donut outlets ?

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send these mexicans back to africa where they came from.

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How many are suicide bombers ?

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I was found to be mentally disabled 5 years ago.
In 2011.
I was born 02/18/1955.
I'm 61 now.
Can I get regular Social Security on top of my SSDI payment of $830.00/month ?
If so, when ?
Would I get back payments ?
I live in Virginia if that helps.
Thank you.
You can email me at my junk email address, if you please.

I don't mind posting it because it was created for public posting.
It is not my main account. :)

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I guess the cops hired someone to photoshop it & remove anything bad to them & add a gun in his hand. :(

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Which body are the local Gestapo going to plant a gun on ?
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