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Gadget Geek, Tabletop Gamer, Roustabout
Gadget Geek, Tabletop Gamer, Roustabout

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Excellent overview of the next iteration of my favorite TTRPG; RuneQuest!

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This is a remarkable magazine... A must-read if you're a Traveller fan!
Freelance Traveller has a new issue out, including a review of the Behind the Claw podcast, and my blog post about Animal Encounters. Cool!

Oi - +Sarah Newton said there was a party here...

How's every little thing? Thanks for the invitation!

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One of my favourite spies, today!

Noor Inayat Khan  was a descendant of Tipu Sultan (the 18th century ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore) and the daughter of Hazrat Inayat Khan (the founder of The Sufi Order in the West). She was born in St. Petersburg Russia, but spent most of her life in France, where she studied child psychology, and music at the Sorbonne, and published books of children's stories and poetry.

When Germany invaded France in 1940, Khan and her family fled to Britain where she signed on with the Women's Auxillary Air Force (WAAF) where she was trained as a pilot and a wireless operator. She was incredibly bored with bomber training school applied for a commision and was promoted to Assistant Section Officer. 

In 1942 she was recruited to the Special Operations Executive, trained and sent with the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY - a common undercover deployment tactic for the 50 female SOE agents sent to France). Her code names were Nora Baker, Nurse, and Madeline.

In the months to follow, every other wireless operator, the majority of the Physician network she was deployed with and wide swaths of the French Resistance were rounded up by the Sicherheitsdienst (SD). She was given the option to return to Britain, but refused, continue to live on the run performing wireless transmission. This was one of the most dangerous field positions available. Khan was forced to run and transmit, run and transmit, in 20 minute intervals with SD wireless detection vans in hot pursuit at all times. She was the most hunted British agent in France at the time.  

On October 13, 1943, Khan was betrayed to the Germans by a fellow SOE agent and arrested. She fought fiercely, was interrogated for over a month, and attempted escape at least twice.  The head of the SD in Paris testified after the war that despite intense interrogation, Khan never gave up any intelligence. She was taken to Germany and imprisoned in shackles for ten months in Pforzheim prison. In September of 1944, she was sent to Dachau concentration camp where she was promptly executed. Her last words were purported to be: "Liberté." (Liberty)

She was posthumously awarded the British George Cross and a French Croix de Guerre with silver star.


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Hey +Plot Points - 

I've been catching up with your podcast's backlog, and am enjoying your audio efforts a lot!

My latest listen was to your Star Trek episode. The group as a whole expressed concern about characters being left behind on the ship while away teams got to advance the plot... and my group has a potential fix for this.

Have you ever heard of troupe role-playing?

Each player has several characters, with each character tied to a different aspect of the ship or the mission's function. When plot intrudes into the engine room, technician and engineering characters get their time in the spotlight. When making leaders' decisions, the PCs associated with the command crew weigh in. Away teams get red shir- ahem- security personnel and appropriate investigative / technical crew.

Characters left "on ship" while away-missions happen work on shifts, so it could be a random roll to see which engineer gets to diagnose the engine trouble, or which physician is on-staff when the infection breaks loose.

I plan to use this system in my next Traveller campaign set in the Spinward Marches...

Each player will be given the chance to run:
- 1 Command crew (to make choices)
- 1 Ship Security (guards, fighter jocks, gunners- for the fighting, yo!)
- 1 Engineer / Scientist (techs, nurses, counselors, ship's doctor)
- 1 Diplomat (each species/polity getting their representative and a small retinue of aides and/or bodyguards)

The vessel requires a crew of around 300 people, so replacement characters are available handily should something go pear-shaped... Even as the vessel passes from one region of space to the next, replacement crew could be brought on board from foreign planets and alien cultures. The exceptions are, obviously, the diplomats. This is because mortality among the diplomats will have far-reaching effects later in the game.

Regardless, I thought the use of the Troupe was an interesting way to ensure that PLAYERS make the choices and take the actions for any given vessel's crew.

The principal could apply handily to Star Trek, military units on a tactical level, faculties of schools, etc. Anything with a diverse hierarchy of roles for characters to gravitate toward could be split up this way.

Sarah - thanks for sharing your love of Trek!
All of you - I really enjoy your work on Plot Points, and look forward to each opportunity to listen.

May all your games be awesome --

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Hey +Ian Stead​ - does the Darrian Confederation have a canonical emblem / icon for their ships? Or, if you're unaware of any, who would you think might know?

Thanks for any feedback!

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Gerall Kahla commented on a post on Blogger.
I'd love to hear how the group coalesceses! Will you be blogging the campaign as it rolls along?

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This is beautiful!

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Delightful cosplay!

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Still laughing...
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