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Life has never been so real
Life has never been so real

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Help me reach my modest goal of raising $500 for the Lt Michael P Murphy, USN Memorial Scholarship Fund as part of 2015 Track Friday!

I'll be out at the Holtsville Ecology Center on 26 Nov 2015 at 9am with the goal to run 3 laps (approximately 3.5 miles) while hoping to raise awareness of and donations for this worthy scholarship fund.

If you can't donate, please come out and run with me! The more people we get talking about Track Friday, the better chance we have of making positive change in this world!

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Interesting to watch
There may not be a good solution to this. As we've posted before, there's no question that the distributors needed protection from big beer. Nor is there any question about small brewers needing better access. But as this fight goes on, so does the battle for shelf space. There's no guarantee that even if smaller breweries are free to wield the threat to jump, big distributors won't squeeze smaller ones off the shelf (or off the taps). 

Galaxy Note 3, Major Disappointment:

I had to replace a lost Nexus 5 and grabbed a Note 3 in desperation. I have learned one thing, the Nexus 5 is the greatest phone I've ever had.

The Note 3 has incredible battery life and resolution. The list ends there. A seemingly endless list of bloat and choppy functionality has me convinced to sell this 4-day old phone to buy another Nexus device.

Some of my immediate complaints:

I can't even listen to Play Music without Hangouts interrupting the song, but only while I'm in the message and not when Hangouts is in the background!

Basic navigation is slower and less responsive than the N5.

Samsung's bloat is only outmatched by AT&T's bloat, epically!

I'm sure this is still an incredible device for others. I may be spoiled, or I may be picky. Either way, not happy.

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Vote for the best band out there! They happen to be my friend's band, but why should that matter?

Pretty bummed out my Tylt Vu didn't fully charge my N5 last night. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it was a fluke, but I did notice the phone was warmer than usual this morning... 

The latest update to Nova gave my Nexus 5 transparent navigation and status bars. Thank you, +Kevin Barry!!

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#RorschachDoodle I see...a beetle!

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I couldn't be more stoked that my favorite launcher Dev is the man!
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