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One step down, two to go. Big thanks to the city for bringing Sunnyvale one step closer to Google Fiber.

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Drink Up, Boys!
It's no secret that I like making stuff. I have, at one point or another, done the following crafts: crochet, knit, sew, bake, make chocolates, quilt, cross stitch. It started with a strong hatred of sitting in front the TV doing nothing, and went from ther...

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Gingerbread House For EVERYONE!
I love my daughter. I love my daughter. I love my daughter. Really I do. I must, why else would I do this? It started in 2010 in Seattle. The elementary school had an annual auction. One of the families donated a Gingerbread House party for kids. They obvio...

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Writer's (Sewer's?) Block
Why can't I sew? I am totally blocked. I can't seem to get any sewing done! What do I mean? Well, let me sum up. No, that will take me too long. How 'bout I summarize. There's the hand quilt. Remember that one? 300+ hands, signed by a bunch of JoCo SeaMonke...
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