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Larry Cadden
I want to be a geek.
I want to be a geek.
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Gunman shot one, police hit all nine bystanders. I was wondering about this when it happened. Sad and based on prior court opinions it's a toss up whether victims would get any compensation if they sue.

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How did I miss this? I will let you all know what designs I want on t-shirts latter.

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Skynet is born! (sorry, just had to)


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If you are of a certain age (kids old enough to graduate college) and call yourself a nerd or geek and this does not send you running down the street screaming in joy at the top of your lungs then you should give all your computer and tech stuff to someone that can actually use it.
All that is old is new again.

The Sci-Fi RPG that started it all is back in all it's resplendent glory and being brought to you by the original designer...

For old school RPGers this is a MUST!!! 

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I'm broke, anyone else interested?
This is my comic book collection. On Monday, they go to the great comic book shop in the sky, since I still need money for rent.

Anyone local to Loganville, Ga. (can't afford any shipping...comics are heavy) who wants a shot at them this weekend before I take them in, hit me up!

There are a TON of comics here...this opportunity will never fall in your lap again!

Link for reshares:


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The attack on Chewie was over the line but the rest I agree with.

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OK #google with the purchase of #motorola it is time for a proper google phone. You might still need to buy a carrier, you can get #sprint for about 7.2B today.

It is time for unlocked boot loaders and stop adding software that duplicates functionality that already comes with the android stack.

Find out why the docks are so expensive also, this is the dream (not a great example as the Atrix dock is on sale for $99 from $499).

Since they already do tablets lets see a motorola #chromebook also.

Learn a lesson from #apple . A full line of products

phones and docks

refreshed once a year.

The hardware is strong enough today to that if you are really paying attention you will see that the above list is one communication device with various dock options available based on user need and preference.

So are you smart enough #google ?

Crap what an incoherent mess of a post.

#googleplus Really Google? There's a limit on how much I can rearrange my circles? Beyond stupid.

And get a api with write access done already, kthxbai.
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