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One of my favorite hidden features of Inbox is creating a reminder to return something you ordered online.  Try it out!

When creating a reminder, type in "return" and Inbox will give you your recent online orders in autocomplete.  If you tap (or click) on one of them the assist will tell you how many days you have left to return that item!

Just another example of Inbox doing the work so you don't have to.

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My open letter to Google Inbox

I have complex feelings about Google's new interface to Gmail. So I thought I'd write Inbox an email to talk about it:

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Love this post by +Brian Lovin exploring all of the little details in Inbox that our designers and engineers really sweated over.

Little details make a big difference!

Pro Tip: Inbox on the web supports plus mentions to add people to a thread quickly.  Type + while composing or replying and it will autocomplete against your contacts.

Inbox is designed to work well out of the box, but it is also very configurable. Personally, I've set mine up to unbundle Finance, Forums, and Updates so that those messages show up right in the Inbox.  I also set Promotions to show up only once per day.

If you're already using Inbox, and you've had a chance to kick the tires a bit, have you made any adjustments that work well for you?

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Gmail is ten years old and it was time to update it for the mobile world and generally make it more Googley.   So do some rethinking, add a lot of AI, take advantage of phone smarts, tap into the Google Now backend, and you've got Inbox, an app built on top of Gmail that you use instead of Gmail.  My report....

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Today we are launching something I've been working on for the past two years: a complete rethink of how email should work, and an Inbox that does more of the work for you to help you get back to the things that really matter:

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My band, +The Gold Medalists, is headed in to the studio next month to record our 2nd full-length album.  We're going to +Tiny Telephone in San Francisco to record with all analog gear like our rock-n-roll forebears.  Its going to sound amazing, have an old school vibe, and be a great experience. The songs are great - by far our best yet.

But we could use a little help.

The economics of the record business are crazy and getting crazier. Artists make virtually nothing from streaming services like Spotify or Rdio.  We make a lot less than you'd think from download services like iTunes or Amazon. When you buy a song or stream from any of these services almost all of the money goes to the service, not the artist.

Many of you bought or streamed our last album, but the money we made from that was a tiny fraction of the cost to record it.  So this time we're trying something different.  If you're interested in our album and/or like supporting local music, please help us fund the recording by contributing to our indiegogo campaign.  That way we get to use the money for recording rather than supporting middlemen, and you get fun perks along the way in addition to the album itself!

Check out our campaign:


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Excited that we're rolling this out!
Promotional mail has a lot of images, from pictures of snazzy new shoes to photos of that rock climbing gym you’ve been wanting to try. To help you find what you’re looking for faster, you can now sign up for a new field trial ( for Gmail that lets you view the Promotions tab in a more visual and engaging way:
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