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Michael Thomas Goodrich
Life Begins At Sixty. Having a Hoot With Pelicans and Porpoises on Manasota Key, Florida.
Life Begins At Sixty. Having a Hoot With Pelicans and Porpoises on Manasota Key, Florida.

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Octa-Cide, or Jeepers Creepers, Geezers!
Way back when, way back to my days
of green gullibility, back when I was filled with romantic nonsense and
all aglow with naive moonshine . . . well, anyway, way back a year or so ago. . . . . . I once foolishly assumed that with age came peace; that as a p...

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Modern Mature Motoring, or “Confusion in Paradise”
here at Senior Sentral, down here in the swampy southern section of the
Sunshine State, down here one never assumes anything.  For example, when navigating Florida parking lots, whether afoot or abike, your chronicler of murder,
mayhem, madness, and mo...

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More Pit Bull Fun in the Sun
There’s an old saying
here in Florida which I just made up a few minutes ago: “ Don’t Go
Near the Water . . . or the Land, Either.”     As anyone with a nose for news
knows, we Fearless, Featherless Floridians have been losing arms, legs, hands,
and heads t...

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Food For Thought, or Fun With Fat
With the
rise of Morbid Obesity--not to be
confused with Horrid Obesity and “Oh My God!” Obesity-- it stands to reason that the fatish fetish for diets will continue
unabated far into our fat future.  And so, is it any wonder that the
weight loss mendacity ...

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Notes from Darkest Florida, or “My Life Among the Swamp Savages”
I’m certainly not the first to notice the phenomena, I’m sure, but it does bear
repeating: Florida is a human zoo. Them what can’t make it elsewhere in the
Upper 49 find their way to Florida.   Yes,
just as sludge settles to the bottom of a car’s oil p...

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Sunshine State Senile Survey
Save for hurricanes and such, the weather here is almost always to-die-for.  Thus, when a South Floridian crows about "great weather," that translates: "There is no place on earth to match this glory!"   Such, then, is precisely what we are experiencing now...

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Blunt Force Drama
For the better part of the past two weeks I was in New York.  For ten of those days I underwent some autobio grilling, aka daily interviews.  As one might gather, and unlike everything of a similar nature that I did prior to this, these interviews were most...
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