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Kai Nielsen on Death and the Meaning of Life
his 1978 paper “Death and the Meaning of Life” [1] Kai Nielsen argues that our lives can be meaningful even if a) death really is
the end of us (i.e. total annihilation with no after-life or eventual resurrection)
and b) there is no God, and that they ca...
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Aaron Smuts on the Good Cause Account of the Meaning of Life
to Aaron Smuts [1] ,
the “correct (!) view of the meaning of life” (537) is that life is meaningful
to the extent that the one who lives it “promotes the good” (536). They don’t
need to do it intentionally or even be aware of it. Nor does it matte...
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John Danaher on Technological Unemployment and the Meaning of Life
There are a lot of things that we no longer have to do ourselves. Machines now do them for us. Of course right now there is still plenty for us to do, but if the trend continues and the machines we build get more and more intelligent, sophisticated, and pow...
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Fyodor Dostoyevsky on Donald Trump
I cannot help myself:
Donald Trump is so much on my mind right now that I find traces of him
everywhere, in a vain attempt to get my head around the whole Trump phenomenon
and generally to figure out what the hell is going on in the world right now.
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William Lane Craig on the Absurdity of Life without God
life meaningless without God? That is what the Christian philosopher and
theologian William Lane Craig claims with great confidence in a chapter of his
book Reasonable Faith , published in
1994: [1] “if there is no God, then man’s life becomes absurd.” (...
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Joshua W. Seachris on Cosmic Futility and the importance of narrative endings
it matter how the universe ends? Should we be worried by the naturalistic,
scientifically grounded expectation that in a few billion years our solar
system comes to an end and all traces that will then still be left of our
existence (if there are any) ...
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George Pitcher on the Misfortunes of the Dead
the dead be harmed - not by their death, but by what happens after their death? It wouldn’t appear so
since they are dead and therefore no longer around to be harmed. You cannot
harm someone who does not exist. And yet, we may feel that some things that...
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Richard Taylor on Time, Creativity, and Life's Meaning
we change our view of things. Perhaps we had doubts all along, or something
happened that made us reconsider, or we have simply thought some more about the
issue, so that eventually we reach a different conclusion. Philosophers are no
exception. T...
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Guy Kahane on why and when it matters to believe that nothing matters
Kahane recently (2016) published a paper called “If Nothing Matters”, [1] which attempts to settle the question whether it matters whether or not
anything matters. Kahane’s answer: it doesn’t matter if there is anything that
matters, but what does matte...
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Richard M. Hare on what it means to say that something matters
exactly do we mean when we say that “nothing matters”? Richard Hare attempts to
answer this question in an early (1957) essay. [1] The way he answers it is intended to convince us that the view that “nothing
matters” (or in other words existential nihi...
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