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'Bluish' Light May Help Alzheimer's Patients Find Bearings

"What I hope we can accomplish is show people that it works, and be able to now translate that to architects, to people doing the building, so that when they designed the building from start they do it right."

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#DidYouKnow 50% of those affected by rare disease are children #RareDiseaseDay Childhood Cancer CUREChildhoodCancer

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Oh, interesting.... We have shared on this topic before... See article from Provider Magazine and here is an excerpt :

"Functional decline is age-associated, not age-determined, and there is evidence that aging processes can be delayed if older people keep on doing physical exercise and continue challenging their brains. If they stop doing one or the other, functioning in one domain (for example, physical fitness) may decline faster than in others (cognition)"

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ADA Exhibit - Follow this link to see the National Portrait Gallery Exhibit of historic figures involved with ADA legislation, among others such as Claudia Gordon.  Gordon (with DHS) was instrumental to the deployment of emergency provisions for the disabled during the Hurricane Katrina response.

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Where we live and sometimes "how" we live can negatively impact your health.  This article focuses on Rural Youth Suicide patterns.  That same sense of isolation and loneliness certainly can be present in a City or Suburban environment. In both of these places (depending on many factors), the opportunity to get to know your neighbors may never present itself.  Mixed use planning facilitates a true sense of community and belonging.  Even if this is only a superficial solution.... I accept the placebo affect versus....

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Happy Thanksgiving !

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A recent and impactful settlement regarding ADA requirements at gas stations/convenience stores. 

Here is an excerpt: "The settlement represents a drastic shift in the way gas stations and convenience store chains accommodate their wheelchair-bound and disabled customers..."

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"Quadriplegic’s Recovery Could be a Medical Breakthrough"

"...Evans became part of a clinical trial for a drug that may be a breakthrough for treating spinal injuries."
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